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Updated on Dec 21, 2022
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Reindeer Food Poem Printable
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What is magical reindeer food made of?

Teach your kids to give honor to the person that sacrifices for them and always respect each other through the Christmas tradition. During the holiday season, Santa and his reindeer will come over thorough your house and share the present. With this, you can let the kids welcome with a good attitude by making food for them.

Magical reindeer food is such an easy recipe to make. You can let your kids do it by themselves but still under your guidance. Prepare the ingredients such as oatmeal, white sugar, and red and green edible sprinkles. The tools you need are the zip-lock plastic bag, roller, treat bag, tags, and ribbon.

Instruct your kids to insert all of the ingredients in the plastic bag. Teach them how to roll it and let them do it by themselves. You can tell them when to stop. Insert a scoop of those rolled ingredients into the treat bag. Repeat until they get 9 packs as Santa’s reindeer amount. Instruct them to write the sayings on the tags. Tie it with the ribbon while inserting the tags on it.

Some option to add is a reindeer poem template. These poems come in a lovely rhyme and you can also ask the kids to read them together as you pack the food bags.

What questions do kids often ask about Santa’s reindeer?

Kids do have imagination about Santa and his reindeer. Therefore, they might always come up with questions about it. You need to have some factual information to enrich your knowledge. Better find the answer first for preparation. These are the questions along with the answer you might face.

  1. Reindeer flying ability

For this question, you can come up with the facts and the fiction at the same time. Mention that the real reindeer cannot fly, but the Santa ones do. Bring the reason for the magical things they have so they can fly around the world to deliver the presents.


  1. Santa meets the reindeer

You can tell them that during the off days, Santa will evaluate the reindeer and find them to pull the sleigh. That’s why each of them has specific abilities to help him travel.


  1. Rudolph age

This might become a question that is far from your knowledge. You can just ask your opinion that Rudolph might as be old as Santa but still, he is the younger among others.


  1. Rudolph's red nose

You can choose between the fictional way or just go with the fact. From the fictional look, Rudolph has a red nose which can lead Santa’s way in the sky during bad weather. The fact side is pretty closer actually. Reindeer turn their nose red because the caterpillars on their nose bring more oxygen which makes them stand better in the worst cold weather.

Printable Magic Reindeer Food Labels
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Reindeer Food Poem Template
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Reindeer Food Template
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Who eats reindeer meat?

Santa and reindeer are always part of the kid’s imagination when it comes to Christmas. The fact that people eat reindeer meat might make your children hurt.

They belong to domesticated populations in Russia, Finland, Alaska, Norway, and Canada. It is such a mainstream meat in there. Some restaurants in those places even serve their meat menus.

When it comes to the meat taste, it contains fatty acid that makes the meat only even more favorable to taste. Nutritionists even mentioned that this meat is packed with rich vitamins and healthy fats. They even compared the reindeer meat with the fish for the nutrients.

However, their population nowadays is quite in danger. It has nothing to do with the Christmas celebrations or something. The main factor that affects this is climate change that quite extreme recently. Canada even experiences a massive decrease in population around 80%.

How can you cook a slice of reindeer meat?

In the domesticated place where the reindeer belongs, this animal often becomes the menu to serve. If you just bring the reindeer meat to your home and have no idea to treat them, you need to pay attention to these tips.

Check your cut meat first. If you bring the most tender part, then it’s a good sign. Fillet your meat and prepare your cooking tools. Just keep in mind that you have to cook them at middle temperature.

Some meat often treats in the lower ones, but when it comes to the reindeer meat, you will get the stickiness and even risk the consistency. The meat tends to have a strong flavor which not all people can stand with that.

Leave them at room temperature and put the seasoning before cooking. Fry the meat until the juice come out. Turn them up to spread the heat evenly. Use your thermometer and make sure it’s on 55-60oC cooked. Rest them up for at least 10 minutes and slice the meat to enjoy.

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