Printable Weather Bear Clothes

Jan 22, 2011
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Weather Bear Dress Up
Weather Bear Dress Updownload

Who Can Do The Weather Bear Clothes Activity?

Universally, this game can be played by kids from toddlers to 2nd grader students. There are the pros of playing this game for them. From toddlers to preschoolers, they will learn vocabulary around the animal, which is the bear itself, the clothes, trousers, and colors. For kindergarten students, they will learn about colors and hand coordination. As for students of the 1st and 2nd graders, they will learn another language and season. Either they do it at school or at home, this game still good for them.

Where Can We Play Weather Bear Clothes?

There are 2 possible places where children usually play this game. They will mostly play this game at school and at home. At school, the teacher will guide them on how to play the game along with their friends. While at home, they play the weather bear clothes at a birthday party, with siblings, or with their parents. This game is considered in the educational areas, so they most likely to play the game in classrooms or at home if they are sent to a homeschooling program. Also, the other equipment like a pin, the paper, and so forth are available in those two places. 

Weather Bear Clip Art
Weather Bear Clip Artdownload
Weather Bear Bulletin Board Set
Weather Bear Bulletin Board Setdownload
Weather Bear Clothes Template
Weather Bear Clothes Templatedownload
Winter Weather Printable Doll Clothes
Winter Weather Printable Doll Clothesdownload

How to Get Weather Bear Clothes?

You can get the weather bear clothes board game in a short time. Nowadays, you must be online every day. While you are on a break and you want to find some educational material for your little children, with a variety of exercises, like this one. There are a lot of blogs and free printable letter stocks on the internet that you can get, even for free. You can find those on the teacher's forums, parenting websites, and student worksheet stock websites. After you download this worksheet, you guide the children to match the bear's clothes.

What Will We Get from Weather Bear Clothes?

The first thing you will notice is of course the body of the bear. Then, in separate parts, there are the clothes, shoes, and sometimes his headwear of the bear. Since the theme is the weather, the clothes can be jackets, short pants, umbrella, and so on. To match with the body, you can use a pin or double tape, so you still can use it in the future. Next, there is the type of weather which the children will match up too. From rainy days, winter, summer, and others. 

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