Hard Find The Printable

Feb 23, 2009
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Hard Find The Printable

Hard Find The Printable

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How do you cheat on spot the difference?

This game requires us to maximize our eyes. Sometimes, it is really hard for us to find which things that make two pictures different. The game is produced to "trap" us by giving a subtle and vague difference with the pictures. However, we can "cheat" this game. Don't panic, we don't really cheat as in doing something illegal or prohibited with this game. However, we just need the tips and tricks to spot the difference better and faster. Before we use the tips and tricks, make sure that the game we try to compare is side by side. Then, we need to cross our both eyes. Yes, it seems so goofy, but this helps us to discover the difference faster.

After we have done two "preconditions", here are the tips to do hard find the spotting of the difference between two pictures.
1. Stare into the pictures, then cross the eyes.
2. Find the third image, the diffusion between two pictures that need to be spotted by.
3. Retain the third image, and adjust the inclination of the head so that the two of pictures will line up accurately.
4. If we "lock" the picture with the third way, we can see the difference will appear vividly.

The main key of this game is crossing the left eyeball by seeing to the right side. We also need to do the same with our right eyes, but reversed. Then, we will see the vision of the pictures being joined. We may be surprised because the drawing will reveal the difference. The difference will be "dazzling" for us because one of the eyes is seeing something different than the other eyeball. The challenge of this game is retaining and locking the "third image" so that they won't slightly disappear.

What is the meaning of spot the difference?

Spot the difference game, or simply called hard find the game, can be defined as a puzzle. This puzzle requires us to find things inside the picture that makes them different. In this game, we are required to focus, be meticulous, be detailed. The pictures that are used in this puzzle usually have a similar visual. It's like it is impossible to drop the blatantly different pictures. It's because the purpose of the puzzle is to spot the difference, so the creators make hard find the difference. This is what makes this game challenging and fun.

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What are the benefits of playing spot the difference puzzle?

When it comes to spot the difference, we may feel hard find the things that make the two similar looks different. This even really makes our brain tired, sometimes. However, it is worth every struggle. It is because the study finds that spotting the difference puzzle makes our brain active. There is an activity inside the cortex of the brain that plays a huge role in awareness. To sum up, the game of hard find the difference can be a good brain teaser for us. It is because based on the research, this game builds our awareness higher. There are some brain parts active when playing with this hard find the difference game. The part of the brain is known to raise awareness.

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