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Oct 26, 2009
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360 Degree Timing Wheel
360 Degree Timing Wheeldownload

What is an arc of a circle?

At elementary school, children are used to starting to learn about mathematics. At first, they will learn about additions, subtractions, divides, etc. Then after learning about the basics, they will start to learn about measuring circles, triangles, square, prism, cylinder, etc. When they begin to recognize the shape of the building space, the child will also start memorizing how to measure it. 

When they are learning about measuring circles, they will start to know about the arc, 360-degree wheel printable, radian, and others. But one of the most important things to know is that arc is one of the ways to measure circles.

Arc usually used at circular measures. It is the method by which angles are used to calculate circles and treat them as the angle created by a sector of the circle. The unit of measurement in this system is R, which stands for Radian.

Is Circle an arc?

A circle is a form consisting of all points contained in a plane that has a certain distance from a certain point, the center; the equivalent is a curve that can be traced using a point moving in a plane so that the distance from a predetermined point is constant. 

Then, how to answer the relationship between a circle and an arc? An arc is a shape made of a certain angle which is then used to measure a circle. So it can be said that the arc is part of a circle.

To learn a circular arc, you can search for a template with the keyword "360-degree wheel printable" so that it can make it easier for your child to learn about circular measurement.

Cam Degree Wheel Printable
Cam Degree Wheel Printabledownload

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How do you find an arc in a circle?

As already mentioned, in circles, arcs are used as a way of calculating. So to find the arc shape in a circle, it's also very easy, you only need to focus on the center point and the outer line of the circle, then draw a straight line so that it will form an angle.

When a certain angle is formed, you can start calculating with the formula and the Radian value. The method is very easy, especially if you calculate it using an arc template such as a 360-degree printable wheel. Using a bow template can also assist your child in learning in an easier and more efficient way. Perhaps an illustrated bow shape can also increase the children's enthusiasm for learning.

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