Printable Scattergories Categories List

Jul 26, 2012
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Printable Scattergories Categories List

Printable Scattergories Categories List

Printable Scattergories Lists 1
Printable Scattergories Lists 1download

What are the categories in Scattergories?

Before we start to play Scattergories, we need to understand what Scattergories is. Actually, Scattergories can be described as a creative game that involves us to write the names of things that are included in a certain category. The categories that should be filled come in a form of a list. So, to win the game, we need to understand the various names or vocabularies that can be included in the list of categories. So, knowing the list Scattergories categories list before the game can be a good choice so that we can learn the probability of names or vocabularies that can be entered. Usually, the Scattergories categories list are:

  1. Animals include: African animals, amphibians, animal homes, animals that are a certain color, bird, fish, and many more.
  2. Clothing, including: Cowboys clothing, men's and women's clothing, and shoes.
  3. Foods, including: Breakfast foods, candy, dairy products, desserts, and fast foods.
  4. Geography including: Countries in continents, cold places, country flags, and oceans.
  5. Language, including: Parts of speech, possessive pronouns, pronouns, and punctuation.


How do you play Scattergories Categories?

After we have so-called study the Scattergories categories list, finally we play the Scattergories game. After we know the trick to win the game, here are some rules that we are required to follow:

  1. Pick the Scattergories categories list that we want to play.
  2. Roll the dice that consists of the letter A to Z.
  3. Set the timer.
  4. Fill the list of categories with the answers. Make sure the answers are the words or names that start with the letter that appears on the dice.
  5. Don't repeat the same answer in the different categories on the list.
  6. Make sure we have finished before the time is up.
  7. Do this as many as three rounds.
  8. After the time is up, each player needs to recite the answers. If our answer is different toward the others, we can get point +1.
  9. If we write two words that begin with the same letter that appear on the dice, we can collect more points, as long as the words are not recited by the others, which means our answer is the same to the other players.
  10. Whoever collects the most points, wins.

Printable Scattergories Lists 1
Printable Scattergories Lists 1download
Printable Scattergories Lists 1
Printable Scattergories Lists 1download
Scattergories Lists
Scattergories Listsdownload
Scattergories Categories List
Scattergories Categories Listdownload
Scattergories Printable Category Lists
Scattergories Printable Category Listsdownload

What does Scattergories mean?

The game of Scattergories is made from two words that are diffused, including scatter and categories. Yes, the Scattergories categories list are scattered, shuffled, spreaded. There is no order in the determination of the Scatter categories list. Actually, to know this game more, we can go back to 1988. Parker Brothers created this game in that year. Then, several years later, the game was bought by Hasbro, the toy company.


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