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Updated: May 28, 2021

Scattergories game is a word game that can be played by many players (multiplayer). So, the main goal in playing the game is to make a list of words that all players start with the same letter.

Printable Scattergories Categories List
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  2. Printable Scattergories Lists 1
  3. Printable Scattergories Lists 1
  4. Scattergories Lists
  5. Scattergories Categories List
  6. Scattergories Printable Category Lists
  7. Printable Scattergories Categories Ideas
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  10. Scattergories Categories List Printable
Printable Scattergories Lists 1
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What is Scattergories Game?

Scattergories game is a word game that can be played by many players (multiplayer). So, the main goal in playing the game is to make a list of words that all players start with the same letter. The winner is the player who can make the most number of words from one letter.

To play the game, you need two important items: letter cards and category cards. In the first round, each player must choose one category card. After that, one player rolls the dice to determine which letter to play. An example is T.

Now, when one letter has been obtained, all players must write all the words on the Scattergories answer sheet within 3 minutes. You have to write as many words as possible to win the game. So, when the time is up, all players must stop writing words on the answer sheet.

Players can get points if the words written on the answer sheet are different from other players. Meanwhile, if there is one word that is the same as the other players, you don't get points for that word.

What are the Game Rules of Scattergories?

To play the game and to win the game well, you must know the game rules of Scattergories. Previously, the main goal of the game is to write the words of the same letter quickly.

The winner of the game is the player who can get the most points. However, players cannot score points if the words written are the same as other players. So, here we explain the game rules of Scattergories, especially for those of you who are playing that game for the first time.

  • First, prepare the tools needed to play the Scattergories. You can download the category cards and printable Scattergories answer sheets. Then, print them.
  • After that, all players must use answer sheets and pencils. Then, they must take one category card.
  • One player takes one letter and tells it to all players. Now, all players have to write down all the words with that letter for the category they got.
  • Now, the first round of the game has started. One round lasts 3 minutes. Don't forget to set a timer.
  • When finished, each player must read the results of their answers. If none of the words are similar to the other players, the player gets a score of 2 points for that word. However, if the word read is the same as the word written by another player, write a score of 1 on that word.
  • If all players have read the results of the answers, continue the game by doing the second round. Then, do the calculation of the score.
  • At the end of the game, count the total points of all players. The player who gets the most score wins the Scattergories game.

How to Use Scattergories for Students?

The game can be done for learning activities in class, especially for language lessons. So, how to use the Scattergories game for students in class?

  • Divide all students into teams. Then, assign three different categories to students.
  • Each team writes the three categories on a three-column table.
  • Then, give them one letter of the alphabet. They have to write down the words according to that category starting with the letter you have provided to them. The duration is only 2-3 minutes.
  • When the time is over, each team must exchange the Scattergories worksheet with the other team to calculate the score. How to calculate the score as we have explained above.

Printable Scattergories Lists 1
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Printable Scattergories Lists 1
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Scattergories Lists
Pin It!   Scattergories ListsdownloadDownload PDF
Scattergories Categories List
Pin It!   Scattergories Categories ListdownloadDownload PDF
Scattergories Printable Category Lists
Pin It!   Scattergories Printable Category ListsdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Scattergories Categories Ideas
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Printable List Of Scattergories Categories
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Printable Scattergories Questions List
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Scattergories Categories List Printable
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What are the Benefits of Scattergories Game?

In fact, the first benefit to be gained by playing the Scattergories game is understanding a lot of vocabulary. Children who often play these games can communicate fluently because they know a lot of vocabulary. So, good language skills are the main educational benefit of the Scattergories. However, here are some other benefits of the Scattergories game.

  • Enhance Communication Skills: Scattergories games can help students to increase their communication skills. So, you can ask the children to do this game when they don't have reasonable confidence when communicating with others. Therefore, the game can also help students to be more confident when doing public speaking.

  • Improve Their Critical Thinking: Another benefit of the Scattergories game is to help children improve their critical thinking skills. The reason is, children have to think of various words and are different from other players. That's not easy, so children must think deeply to find these unique words.

  • Help Them to Do Problem-Solving: Writing down various words according to the categories can help children to develop problem-solving skills. Well, these abilities are needed by children in the future. So, you should teach children to play the Scattergories game and and calculate their scores using Scattergories score sheets. So, they can do various problem-solving in real life and train them to think quickly.

  • Train Them to Convey Opinions: Scattergories games can also help children express opinions well. That's because the children convey their various ideas in teams to make words based on the categories. Therefore, children will be better at expressing opinions if they often play the Scattergories.

  • Encourage Teamwork Skills: Children who often play the Scattergories game can have good teamwork skills. With good teamwork skills, children will be able to brainstorm, negotiate, listen, and various other social skills.

Article written by Shasmitha Mutiara, last updated on May 28, 2021 and edited by Printablee Team.

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