Scattergories List 1-16 Printable

Mar 10, 2012
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Scattergories List 1-16 Printable

Scattergories List 1-16 Printable

Scattergories Lists Printable
Scattergories Lists Printabledownload

How do I set up Scattergories?

Scattergories is a board game that is very popular because many people play it. To set up a scattergories can be seen in the existing manual in a set of Scattergories games. But if you want to do custom rules in playing scattergories, you have to change it in its entirety such as the number of players, the time spent playing, up to the number of scattergories played. This is useful so that the custom scattergories game remains interesting.

How much time do you get for Scattergories?

The original Scattergories game has a duration of time in each round. One round consists of 3 minutes. Usually, the categories in the game Scattergories consist of 12 categories. If calculated this game does not use much time to be resolved. The time spent in Scattergories can also change depending on how many lists are played. Because many people make the game Scattergories by their own rules. The time made to complete the Scattergories game is also influenced by the number of players playing.

How many people do you need to play Scattergories?

2-6 people are the ideal number of players to play Scattergories. This is written in the manual owned by the original Scattergories products made by Hasbro Winning Moves Games. However, you can make it more than 6 or less than 2 players. If there are more than 6 players, you have to overhaul several sections such as answer paper, the number of categories, and also time. If there are less than 2 players, it means you just playing with yourself, you do not need to make changes to the rules of play. Usually, people who play Scattergories alone are to practice adding to their vocabulary without help from others.

Scattergories Lists Printable
Scattergories Lists Printabledownload
Scattergories Lists Printable
Scattergories Lists Printabledownload
Scattergories List Cards
Scattergories List Cardsdownload
Scattergories Categories List
Scattergories Categories Listdownload
Printable Scattergories Sheets
Printable Scattergories Sheetsdownload
Scattergories Printable Category Lists
Scattergories Printable Category Listsdownload
Baby Scattergories Printable Free
Baby Scattergories Printable Freedownload

Can you use the Scattergories list in 16?

Besides time, an important element in Scattergories is a list. The number of lists that Scattergories usually have is 1 to 12. If the game turns out to be very interesting and does not want to end soon, usually a custom Scattergories list will be created such as from 1 to 16 lists. You can create up to 16 Scattergories lists with references provided by the internet. The internet provides printable scattergories custom lists. You can immediately upgrade your scattergories list by downloading and then printing it on the standard printer you have. Don't forget to match the answer sheet with the Scattergories list that you have customizable.


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