Scattergories List 1-16 Printable

Apr 27, 2021
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Scattergories List 1-16 Printable
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Scattergories Lists Printable
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How to play Scattergories?

Scattergories is a fun and interactive game that challenges players to think quickly and creatively. Scattergories is not only an entertaining game but also a great way to enhance vocabulary, creative thinking, and quick decision-making skills. You can adjust the rules or categories to make the game more suitable for different age groups or tailor it to specific themes or subjects. Here's how the game typically works:
  1. Setup: Each player or team needs a pen, a piece of paper, and a Scattergories answer sheet. The answer sheet contains different categories and numbered spaces for each round.

  2. Categories: Roll a die or use a timer to determine the letter that will be used for that round. The letter represents the starting letter for all the answers in that round.

  3. Start the Timer: Set a timer for a specified time limit (usually around 2 minutes) for each round. Players need to come up with answers that begin with the selected letter and fit the categories on the answer sheet.

  4. Answering: Players quickly write down words or phrases that fit the categories and start with the designated letter. Each answer should be unique and not duplicated by other players.

  5. Scoring: After the timer runs out, players take turns sharing their answers. If another player or team has the same answer, it gets crossed out and no points are awarded. Players earn points for unique answers that fit the category and start with the chosen letter.

  6. Category Check: Players may engage in a discussion or debate to determine if an answer is valid. The group can decide collectively whether an answer is accepted or not.

  7. Scorekeeping: Players tally their points for each round and write them down. A new round can then begin, either with a new letter or by progressing through the alphabet.

  8. Final Scoring: The game usually consists of several rounds. At the final rounds, total the scores to know which players have the highest scores and there you go to have the winner.


Acceptable Answers Guidelines for Scattergories Game

In Scattergories, acceptable answers can vary depending on the specific set of rules agreed upon by the players. However, here are some general guidelines for determining acceptable answers:

  1. Exact Match: The answer must match the category exactly. For example, if the category is "Fruit" and the starting letter is "A," an acceptable answer would be "Apple." Partial matches or variations, such as "Applesauce," may not be accepted unless specified in the rules.

  2. Unique Answers: To earn points, answers must be unique to each player. If two or more players have the same answer, none of them receive points for that category. This encourages players to think creatively and come up with original responses.

  3. Commonly Accepted Terms: Generally, commonly accepted terms and names are considered valid answers. However, it's important to establish specific rules before playing to avoid any confusion. For example, if the category is "Animals" and the starting letter is "L," an acceptable answer could be "Lion."

  4. Consensus or Majority Vote: In cases where there is uncertainty or disagreement about the validity of an answer, players can reach a consensus or take a majority vote to determine whether the answer is acceptable. This helps maintain fairness and resolve any disputes.

  5. Time Limit: Players should provide their answers within the designated time limit. If an answer is given after the time runs out, it may not be accepted. This rule encourages quick thinking and prevents excessive deliberation.

Scattergories Lists Printable
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Scattergories Lists Printable
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Scattergories Categories List
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What are the benefits of playing scattergories classic game?

Playing the Scattergories classic game offers several benefits, including:

  1. Vocabulary Expansion: Scattergories challenges players to think of unique words or phrases that fit specific categories and start with a designated letter. This promotes vocabulary expansion as players search their minds for different words and expressions, often discovering new terms or concepts in the process.

  2. Creative Thinking: The game encourages creative thinking as players strive to come up with unique answers within the given time limit. It requires players to think outside the box and make connections between the category and the starting letter to generate original and imaginative responses.

  3. Quick Decision-Making: Scattergories is a fast-paced game that pushes players to think quickly on their feet. The time limit adds a sense of urgency, fostering the ability to make rapid decisions and generate answers under pressure, improving mental agility.

  4. Problem-Solving Skills: The game presents players with the challenge of finding appropriate answers that meet the category requirements and start with the given letter. This promotes problem-solving skills as players navigate through their knowledge and experiences to identify suitable responses.

  5. Social Interaction: Scattergories is a multiplayer game that encourages social interaction and communication. Players engage in discussions, debates, and friendly competition as they compare answers and determine the validity of responses. This fosters communication skills, collaboration, and sportsmanship.

  6. Cognitive Flexibility: The game requires players to switch between different categories and adapt their thinking to fit the given letter and requirements. This promotes cognitive flexibility, the ability to shift between different tasks and adjust thinking strategies accordingly.

  7. Memory Enhancement: Remembering unique words or phrases for each category within the time limit enhances memory skills. Players need to recall their answers, as well as track which responses have been used by others to avoid duplication.

  8. Entertainment and Fun: Above all, Scattergories provides an enjoyable and entertaining experience for players of all ages. It offers a break from routine activities, promotes laughter, and fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.


Scattergories is not only a game but also a tool for cognitive development and social interaction. Its combination of creativity, quick thinking, and vocabulary expansion makes it an engaging and beneficial game for players of all ages.

Scattergories Lists

List 1:

  1. Boy's Names
  2. Countries
  3. Sports
  4. Things You Wear
  5. Breakfast Foods
  6. Insects
  7. School Subjects
  8. Games
  9. Hobbies
  10. Animals


List 2:

  1. Fruits
  2. Celebrities
  3. Types of Transportation
  4. Things You Find in a Kitchen
  5. Colors
  6. Musical Instruments
  7. Desserts
  8. Things You Can Smell
  9. Vegetables
  10. Body Parts


List 3:

  1. Occupations
  2. Types of Weather
  3. TV Shows
  4. Book Titles
  5. Things You Find in a Park
  6. Types of Drinks
  7. Fictional Characters
  8. Store Names
  9. Tools
  10. Cities

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