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Apr 06, 2022
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Easter Crafts for Preschoolers
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What Does Easter Mean to Christians?

Easter is a Christian holiday that is held to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, Easter is a momentum that is celebrated because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Therefore, Easter is held 3 days after the death of Jesus due to crucifixion.

With the resurrection of Jesus, Christians have eternal life. Of course, that's only for people who believe in Jesus. Then, what is the main meaning of the Easter celebration for Christians?

  • Easter is a form of victory and hopes for Christians because the Lord Jesus comes back to life after being crucified.
  • The resurrection of Jesus makes humans live forever and be free from sins.
  • The events of Jesus' death and resurrection prove that he is the son of God who was brought into the world to save mankind.


Why is Easter Always on Sunday?

Easter celebrations change every year. So, Easter does not have a fixed date and month like Christmas. Well, why is it like that?

Actually, the date and month of Easter celebrations were never predetermined. The church also doesn't mind this because the historical day of Jesus' resurrection actually happened on Sunday. 

Furthermore, the 14th day of the first month of the Jewish calendar is used as the day of the Easter celebration. In 325, Easter was actually fixed on the first Sunday in early spring by a church council at Nicea.

DIY Easter Craft Ideas at Home

Making crafts for Easter is a fun activity that you must do with children. There are lots of Easter craft ideas that you can try. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Rabbit Clip

    This craft idea is very easy to do. You only need to paint the wooden clothespins. Then, use the paint maker to decorate the eyes, nose, and mouth of the rabbit.

  2. Paper Flower

    This one idea is also very simple, but it can be used to beautify the room. Prepare red and pink cardboard. Next, cut the paper into a large circle.

    After that, roll the paper to form a rose. Attach all parts of the paper flower petals using glue. Now, your flowers are ready to be displayed at home.

  3. Easter Eggs

    The Easter holiday will not be perfect if it is not used to decorate Easter eggs. However, this time we will make the egg look different.

    After you paint the eggshell, prepare some kind of ribbon to attach to the shell. Next, tape all the eggs together. You can put it in a container to display in the living room.

  4. Easter Cootie Catcher

    One of the most frequently made Easter craft ideas is Easter cooties catchers. To make this craft, you must download the template. Then, print the template.

    Next, cut out the printed template and fold it into two squares. Then, unfold it and fold it again on the other side. The white part of the paper should be facing you. After that, fold the corners towards the center.

  5. Easter Carrots

    Because it is synonymous with rabbits, carrots are also the main thing in Easter celebrations. The method is very easy. You just need to cut the cardboard into carrot shapes.

    Then, use orange thread to make the cardboard into a curved shape. When all the orange threads have covered the whole carrot, add green paper stock that has been cut into carrot leaf shapes.

Printable Easter Bunny Crafts
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How to Teach Children about The Meaning of Easter?

You can make some related craft while explaining the meaning of Easter to children. In explaining this, you need the right way to make them understand it easily.

  1. Explain The Story of The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus

    The first thing to do is tell the story of Jesus' death. If the child asks, stop it first to answer that question. Don't forget to use words that are easy for children to understand.

  2. Play Easter-Related Games

    Games are a powerful thing to make children understand something easily. The game will make the child not bored with your explanation.

    You just need to ask the children to go to the yard and look for objects related to the story of Jesus and Easter. Then, let the children look for the objects. When they have found them, explain how these objects relate to the story of Jesus.

  3. Read Picture Books

    Children prefer visual things. An example is a picture book. So, look for picture books that tell the story of Jesus and Easter.

    Then, read the story to the children. They can see the pictures in the book while still listening to your explanation. With pictures, they will also understand the story easily.

  4. Decorating Eggs with Jesus and Easter Symbols

    Drawing is a favorite activity of children. Use this method to get children interested in the story of Jesus.

    Use symbols related to the death and birth of Jesus. For example, black is a symbol of sin, red is death, blue is sadness, and yellow is life.

    Meanwhile, the white color is a symbol of life that has been purified by Jesus and green is new life. When the children are coloring the eggs, explain to them the story of Jesus and Easter.

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