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Mar 13, 2023
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What is Diversity?

Merriam-Webster's dictionary describes diversity as a condition that makes a person have different elements. An example is the existence of various races and cultures that belong to a group or region. Meanwhile, Robbins and Judge explained that diversity can be influenced by various biographical and personal characteristics. Ethnicity, age, and gender cause diversity in a group or region.

With diversity, a group can create many ideas and innovations. This is because of different backgrounds and experiences. So, everyone in the group will try to give their best contribution. That's what makes the group grow rapidly.

In diversity, there is tolerance. Tolerance is a way for humans to respect these differences. So, diversity will bring out tolerance. With tolerance, you can avoid conflicts between other people or groups.

Because tolerance is an important thing to make the group safe, tolerance must be taught by parents to children from an early age. By learning how to respect differences, children will be able to get and participate in creating security in society.

What are The Best Ways to Teach Diversity to Children?

Children will realize that there are many different people around them. So, you have to teach them about diversity so they can appreciate these differences. In this way, children will be able to have good socialization and communication skills in society.

So, if you want to teach differences to children, here you will get some easy ideas for teaching children about diversity. So, what is the best way to teach kids about diversity? Here's the full explanation.

  1. Socialize

    You can't expect your children to have a good sense of tolerance if you never teach them to socialize with people. So, you have to let children be friends with anyone regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or race.

    So, you need to teach children to invite their friends to the house. Then, let them play at a friend's house. In this way, children can have good social development.

  2. Teach Them to Think Critically

    You have to teach children about the diversity that surrounds them. Explain to them that this diversity is a gift from God that they should be grateful for. You have to make them understand that all this diversity makes humans able to complement each other. It will make children understand that by respecting diversity, the environment and society can be safe and peaceful.

  3. Read Stories on Tolerance and Diversity

    Children love story books. So, you can use this as a great opportunity to teach children about diversity and tolerance. Currently, there are many media that show bad attitudes related to diversity. You have to accompany your children so they can filter everything they watch.

  4. You Must Be A Good Role Model

    Children are great imitators. Therefore, set an example for them regarding tolerance. So, you have to be a good role model for children with diversity.

    You can give an example of attitudes and speech that respect diversity. Some of them are by making friends with people of different religions or giving gifts to people of different races.

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What are The Benefits of Tolerance?

After you know about "what is the best way to teach kids about diversity?" it is time for you to know about the benefits that you and your children can get when implementing tolerance. It will make you more excited to teach that good attitude to children.

  1. Creating Peacefulness

    If there is no tolerance, society will experience a lot of conflicts. The condition of society can be chaotic. It will be bad for humans and the country. Therefore, tolerance plays a role in creating peacefulness in society.

  2. Increase Faith

    One of the most diverse things in society is the difference in religion. With a high sense of tolerance, all religious adherents in a country will be able to respect other religions. It is also a form of your faith. The reason is, every religion also teaches about tolerance.

  3. Empathy

    By having tolerance, children can train their empathy. Empathy is an attitude to feeling the conditions experienced by others. Empathy makes humans able to make someone imagine how they are when they are in that position. They can do this regardless of ethnicity, economic conditions, religion, and so on.

    By having good empathy, children will be able to socialize well in society. It can also make children have good relationships with many people.

  4. Avoid Bullying Behavior

    Currently, there are many cases of bullying among children. One of the reasons is they are not taught about diversity and tolerance by their parents.

    Bullying behavior can make a person experience trauma. There are various negative things that will be felt by victims of bullying. Therefore, they must be taught about tolerance from an early age.

  5. Self-Love

    Self-love is also an important issue nowadays because many people can't do self-love. By applying tolerance, you and your children can accept all of your own weaknesses and use them as motivation to live well.

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