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Jun 09, 2013
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Phase 10 Dice Scoresheet Printable
Phase 10 Dice Scoresheet Printabledownload

How do you make paper dice?


Making paper dice is pretty easy. You need to make paper dice sheets containing dice squares and fill the blank squares with dots or words or anything you want to apply with the dice. First you need to make a fold and flip the shape over so the decorated side is facing away from you. On paper dice sheets, there are 6 blank squares, in a similar shape like a cross. Make sure you have 4 squares vertically and 2 more squares on the side from the center of cross shapes. Now you can bend up the two added squares glued against other tabs or squares. Then after you can have a shape of paper cube or your own personalized paper dice.

What can you teach using a paper dice?

Dice game is pretty much a simple game to do in the classroom. You only need a handful of dice, pencils and paper. It is commonly used as math games but it is also possible to make a variation of games for each subject using dice for teaching. In English subjects, you can give students or your kids sheets of Roll & Retell. Each dice rolled lets children tell different topics from the stories you have read to them. Do make questions like what is the story about, where does the story take place or how about the character in the story. Another game you can use with paper dice is to Roll and Write a Story. We often find that kids have difficulties in choosing a setting or character or a plot of a story they have to write. This can solve the problem. There you don’t have to be stuck in thinking that learning with paper dice can only be done on math sheets.

Printable Farkle Score Sheet
Printable Farkle Score Sheetdownload
Kismet Dice Game Score Sheet
Kismet Dice Game Score Sheetdownload
Printable Yahtzee Score Sheets
Printable Yahtzee Score Sheetsdownload
12-Sided Dice Template
12-Sided Dice Templatedownload

What effective game to do with paper dice for preschoolers?

Doing educational games with preschoolers need to be simple yet active so they can understand easily. A proper game using paper dice for that is more educative and suitable for them recommended to start games if they understand dot patterns and they didn’t change. This also helps preschoolers on counting because in a way they always tend to count each dot everytime it rolls. Then you can write numbers 1-6 on pieces of paper and taped to the wall. There goes for each paper dice roll, according to how many dots shown, guiding them where the numbers and totals of dots are the same. It is up to your preference whether to make it an active run activity or they can shout each number attached on the wall. This is the simplest way and effective activity for preschoolers.

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