Paper Dice Sheets

Updated: Feb 08, 2021

Teachers need dice for class activities, but they often go missing or there aren't enough to go around. Buying lots can get expensive, and it's a pain to find them last minute. So, they're looking for a way to make dice quickly and cheap without running to the store every time. Making their own printable Paper dice could be the perfect solution.

We whip up simple yet interesting printable sheets for crafting paper dice. Easy to cut and fold, so you can have them ready in minutes for any game or activity. They're versatile, use them for teaching math, playing board games, or creating fun educational activities. Saves time and adds a fun, hands-on element to learning or play.

Table of Images 👆

  1. Phase 10 Dice Scoresheet
  2. Farkle Score Sheet
  3. Kismet Dice Game Score Sheet
  4. Yahtzee Score Sheets
  5. 12-Sided Dice Template
Phase 10 Dice Scoresheet Printable
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Printable Farkle Score Sheet
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Kismet Dice Game Score Sheet
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Printable Yahtzee Score Sheets
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12-Sided Dice Template
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Yahtzee Score Sheets

Keeping track of your game's progress becomes easier with printable Yahtzee score sheets. You can easily print them at home whenever you need, ensuring you always have a way to keep scores tidy and accurate during game nights.

Farkle Score Sheet

Printable Farkle score sheets are essential for avid players and beginners alike. Having them on hand helps you focus on strategy and enjoy the game, without worrying about tracking scores manually.

Kismet Dice Game Score Sheet

For Kismet players, a printable score sheet is a game changer. It streamlines the scoring process, making it straightforward to monitor each player's progress and determine the winner accurately.


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  1. Isabella

    The Printable Paper Dice Sheets are a great tool for adding a fun and interactive element to learning or gaming. The sheets are easy to use and provide a convenient way to create customized dice. Highly recommended!

  2. Lucas

    Great, practical resource for anyone needing paper dice sheets! Simplifies my crafting and gaming experiences. Highly recommended!

  3. Kate

    Great resource for creating your own dice games! The printable paper dice sheets are so handy and easy to use. Love the simplicity and versatility it offers.

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