Printable Chalkboard Christmas Wrapping Paper

Jul 09, 2015
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Chalkboard Gift Wrapping Paper
Chalkboard Gift Wrapping Paperdownload

How do You Wrap Your Christmas Gifts in Chalkboard Style?

You can wrap your gifts using a chalkboard Christmas wrapping paper. There is a lot of this wrapping paper available either online or at your nearest stores. You can choose the wrapping paper that has patterns and illustrations in it or you can choose the blank ones if you want to decorate the paper yourself. You can buy the ready to use paper, or you can also order custom ones. Some crafters at Etsy offer services to create custom-designed wrapping paper including chalkboard wrapping paper. You can also find a printable template and print it yourself but you have to pay attention to the paper you use because if it's not right, the result will be not good. 

How do You Make Your Own Chalkboard Christmas Wrapping Paper?

You can make it simply by gathering a few materials. First, you will need black craft paper. You should choose the one that has a matte finish to it to mimic the look of a chalkboard. You can get this black craft paper at your local craft stores or you can get it online. The paper usually comes in a big roll so you will need to cut it up yourself. The second thing you need is a white marker. You can try different markers and test them out to see which ones look the most like chalk. After you choose the marker, you can sit and start wrapping your gifts. You may want to cut the paper first so you get the right sizes for each gift. Then you can go ahead and decorate the paper using the marker. You can write the person's name, simple Christmas messages, or paint a Christmas decoration and illustration on the paper. It will come out so good and unique you don't have to put extra embellishments such as ribbons or bows. 

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How to Draw on a Chalkboard Wrapping Paper?

You can use markers in white or in other colors such as pink, yellow, and blue. You may want to start with a design. It will be better if you already have a sketch on another paper so you can use it as a guide. You need to be careful because once you draw on the paper using markers, there is no going back. You may want to keep the design simple and use a writing style that mimics chalk. You can go online to find references.  

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