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Updated on Aug 09, 2023
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Scary Owl Pumpkin Carving Patterns Printables
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How to make Halloween pumpkin decorations without carving them?

Making carved pumpkins for Halloween decorations is a custom that permeates all Halloween celebrations.

Meanwhile, since it doesn't require sharp objects like a knife, this project may be a unique idea for you to try, especially with children.

You can try creating this craft with your child to spice up Halloween!

Equipment you'll need:

  • mini pumpkin
  • black paint
  • chalk Liquid Markers 
  • toilet paper
  • googly eyes
  • paper stock in orange
  • glue


Steps to make this craft:

  1. Proceed by covering the entire pumpkin in black paint. Using your Fun Chalk Markers, create owl-feather-like scalloped lines around the front of the pumpkin after it has fully dried.

  2. Tissue paper should be cut into 4 circles. You can use different colors of tissue paper and a plastic fruit cup to track down the circles on the paper.

  3. In order to create a straight edge, slit a tiny portion of your circles. To add more texture to the feathers, make openings along the rounded side. To create the owl wings, add two of them on each side of your pumpkin and stick them with a strip of glue along the straight edge.

  4. Googly eyes as well as a triangle beak cut out of orange cardstock paper should be glued to your owls to complete them. Tada! Your owl pumpkin decoration is done!


How to make an owl out of a pumpkin for Halloween?

Let's carve this adorable owl shape into your pumpkin using your carving implement. Here are the supplies you'll need and the instructions for making this decoration.

You will require:

  • a medium pumpkin
  • a sharp knife to carve the pumpkin
  • a spoon
  • a printed copy of the template where you can find it online
  • a craft knife or scissors to cut out the pattern
  • tape
  • an ink pen
  • one tea light or LED



  1. Remove the pumpkin's top gently, then shovel out the flesh inside.

  2. The template should be trimmed out and taped on the pumpkin. After marking the areas where the owl pattern needs to be carved, gently remove the template by drawing along the interior of the lines.

  3. Make sure to be as thorough as you can while you carve out the design.

  4. To give the pumpkin a spooky feel, place a tea light inside of it.


What food do owls eat?

The majority of owls enjoy eating insects, smaller birds, and smaller animals (such as hares and rabbits), however this varies greatly depending on the species.

Additionally, owls frequently consume mice, rabbits, birds, even the occasional pet cat. Some owl species, like the Asian Fish Owl and the African Fishing Owl, are capable of catching and eating fish.

A death at the hands of an owl is a terrible thing. The prey is initially caught by the owl, who then uses its strong talons to crush it. Depending on the amount of the meal, the prey is subsequently either consumed whole or torn apart. Following this, the less easily digestible parts, including as bones and fur, are compressed into a pellet and spit out.

The majority of the hydration needed by owls is obtained from the prey they consume, therefore they hardly ever drink water. An owl may be seen bathing, though it is relatively rare to witness one drink from a water source.

When an owl showers, some of the water is absorbed by the owl; however, the leftover water is stored in the owl's body for use at a later time, much like the owl stores food.

Owl Pumpkin Carving Stencils
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Owl Pumpkin Carving Stencil
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Printable Owl Pumpkin Carving Stencil
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Where do owls reside?

Coniferous forests, mountains, deserts, and plains are just a few of the environments where owls can be spotted.

A bird from the north that inhabits the arctic tundra is the snowy owl.

When constructing their nests, owls use a variety of techniques.

Great horned owls and great grey owls are among the owl species that call old hawk or squirrel nests home. The majority of owls choose to use an existing tree’s hole or another bird's abandoned nest rather than going to the difficulty of building their own nest.

What do owls resemble?

The majority of owls have prominently big eyes, a flat face, and a big head. A tiny, downturned beak with hooks is another feature of these animals.

Owls typically have stiff postures. The owl stands with a stance that would be difficult to achieve if you tried to maintain it constantly. Due to their status as raptors, owls must hunt for food in order to exist.

They have enormous, razor-sharp talons to capture their prey because of this. These talons have four toes, one of which can be used to grip objects like branches of a tree and prey (much like the human thumb).

Despite having extremely identical appearances, females are typically roughly 25% larger than males. The majority of owls have uneven ears. They can distinguish between distinct noises more easily because of the varying heights at which their ears are located on their heads.

In addition, three things happen when an owl's eyelids are closed: it blinks, it sleeps, and it keeps its eyes clean.

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