American Flag Stars Stencil Printable 8X11

Updated on Nov 02, 2022
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American Flag Star Stencils Printable
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What Does the American Flag Mean?

The American flag is the national flag of the United States of America. The flag has 13 red and white horizontal stripes on the top and bottom. The 13 stripes represent the first 13 colonies that helped the United States become independent. In addition, the flag also has 50 white stars which are the symbols for the 50 states in the United States.

Because there are stripes and stars on the flag, the American flag is called The Stars and Stripes. The flag was first used on July 4, 1960. Since independence, America has changed its flag 26 times. There have been 28 flag designs made to create the American flag as we know today.

In the past, the total stars on the American flag were 13 stars. Then, Francis Hopkinson made a star layout so it was shaped like a ring. It is known as the Betsy Ross Flag.

The pattern changed again on 1 May 1795 after the second Flag Resolution. At the congress, the 13 stars in America increased to 15 stars. That's because there are 2 countries that are part of the United States. Then, there were 5 countries that joined the United States.

Finally, the United States has had 50 stars on its flag since 1960. Not only the stripes and stars on the American flag have meaning, but the colors of the flag also have meaning. The white color symbolizes purity. Meanwhile, red is brave and blue is justice.

How to Teach the American Flag to Children?

Because the flag is a national symbol, you need to teach the American flag to your children. However, teaching the American flag to children is not easy. Therefore, you can do the following ways to teach the American flag to children.

  • First, you can make an American flag for children. By having their own American flag, children can understand the shape, colors, and symbols of the flag.
  • You can ask the children to watch various parades together. The parades usually show the American flag. You can remind them of the American flag every time you and your kids see it.
  • To help them understand the flag, you can teach the meaning of the flag. There are three main meanings to the American flag: freedom, independence, and pride.
  • You can also read stories about the history of the United States to increase children's understanding of the American flag. There are books you can teach kids like "Stars and Stripes: The Story of the American Flag" written by Sarah Thomson and Bob Dacey.
  • Because the national flag is a flag that must be respected, you must also teach children to respect the flag.

How to Make an American Flag Stencil?

One easy and fun way to teach kids the American flag is to make an American flag stars stencil 8x11. How to make it?

  • First, look for an american flag stencil pattern. You can download and print the pattern to make it easier for kids to make the American flag stencils.
  • After that, cut the stencil design using a cutter or scissors.
  • Next, attach the stencil design piece on the surface of the object. An example is on cardboard or wooden boards. Use tape or glue to attach the pattern.
  • Then, ask the children to color the stencils with colored paints.
  • Wait for the paint to dry. Now, the American flag stencil can be used as a decoration at home.

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American Flag Star Stencil Template
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American Flag Star Template Printable
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American Flag Stars Stencil Printable Free
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16 X 13 American Flag Star Stencil
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American Flag Star Template
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American Flag Star Stencils Printable
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What are the Benefits of Learning the American Flag for Kids?

Learning the American flag makes children have a lot of fun experiences. Children can understand American history from the American flag. Because learning the American flag is important, you need to teach your children the American flag from an early age. Use fun ways so children don't get bored easily. If they learn the American flag every day, they will get these benefits.

  1. Educational Foundation

    By learning the American flag, children will have a great foundation for their future education. The reason is, the American flag is often used as a subject in schools. Therefore, teaching children about the American flag from an early age will help them to understand the history of America.

    Not only at school, the American flag is also often one of the materials on campus. The reason is, there are several universities that require their students to take civics class.

  2. Understanding Color Theory

    The American flag consists of three main colors: white, red, and blue. Therefore, children can understand color theory through the American flag. You need to teach children that colors can be used to express emotions and ideas. It will help children to express their ideas through pictures and colors.

  3. Understanding State Symbols

    Children can also learn about the stars and stripes symbols through the American flag. Those two symbols have meaning. So, it will also help kids to understand the meaning of those two important symbols.

    By understanding the meaning of the American flag symbol, children can learn to respect the flag. It is an important practice that should be taught to children from an early age to increase their nationalism.

Because the American flag provides many benefits to children, you have to do fun American flag learning. The easiest way is to ask them to draw and color an American flag. You can use an American flag template to help children draw and color the flag easily. You only need to download and print the template and let the kids get creative with it.

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