American Flag Stars Stencil Printable 8X11

Dec 16, 2015
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How do you make an American flag?

The flag becomes the identity of a country. United States (US) also has its own flag. The United States flag consists of 13 red and white horizontal lines. It starts with a red line, also ends with a red line. In addition to lines, the American flag also has 50 little white stars on a blue background. To make a flag, you must be careful. Because the flag is the pride of an area/region. To make a flag that looks like a real flag, you can use a fabric material as supporting material. Then, make a pattern from the image of the United States flag using a pencil and a ruler. After making a line, the hardest part is making it to 50 stars in the upper left-hand corner. Therefore you need the help of a stencil to make it easier to make a star or flag of the United States.

What makes a good stencil?

A good work of stencil is one that looks neat and leaves no trace of stains around the image. To get a good stencil result, you can use a good adhesive when cutting the pattern used to make the stencil. After making a hole in the finished pattern, all you need to do is color the pattern you have cut out. Give color carefully. Because if you are not careful, it will create an effect on your stencil works. In the flag of the United States, it would look strange if you accidentally gave a green defect right? Therefore, be careful.

What is a stencil used for?

Stencil can be used if the object has flat dimensions. It can be in the form of paper, plastic, wood, even cloth. A flat background will make the process of copying patterns to the background easier and not leaving the lines in the pattern. The most dangerous process of making stencil is when making patterns. When cutting patterns using sharp objects, it is possible to hurt yourself. Especially patterns that require details such as making stars of the same size. For example, a star on the flag of the United States. Make sure you do it carefully.

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How do you cut the perfect star?

To make a small number of stars, you can use the technique of folding from triangles. This can make the angles and legs look proportional to each side. However, what if you need to make stars of the same size and large amount? Take it easy, on the internet there are templates that provide a variety of patterns that are ready for scissors. You don't need to trouble yourself by drawing. Even the template stencil for making the United States flag is also provided in various qualities and sizes.

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