Printable Numbers From 1 100

Aug 16, 2012
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Printable Numbers From 1 100

Printable Numbers From 1 100

Number Chart 1-100
Number Chart 1-100downloadvia

How do you write numbers?

When it comes to writing numbers from 1-100, it is not simply writing the digits of the numbers from 0, 1, 2, until 9. There are several cases that can’t use a number digit to symbolize things or the amount of the objects. So, this is ruled in a certain condition.

Here are the rules of writing numbers, including numbers from 1-100:
1.    Write the numbers using the word spelling in the beginning of a sentence, for instance, when you open the sentence using 21 two-digit numbers, you can write "Twenty-one" instead.
2.    Hyphenate all numbers from 21 to 99, for example, we can write twenty-one, fifty-three, until ninety-nine.
3.    When describing four or more digits of numbers, use a comma before the last three digits of numbers, such as 1,511 to describe one thousand five hundred eleven.
4.    Mixed-fractions can be symbolized with numbers in the middle of a sentence, if they are in the beginning of the sentence, name the spelling instead.
5.    Do not use commas to write numbers above 999.
6.    Do not capitalize the spelling of decades

Is there an "A" in any number?

We may see this kind of question. This question is associated with the spelling of the numbers, including numbers from 1-100. Actually, this is a common riddle for kids. To answer the questions, the answer is no, there is no “a” letter when we recite or spell the number from 1-999. We will find this letter when we reach the first digit of numbers, which are 1000. Yes, we spell it a “one thousand” or “a thousand”. The “thousand word” contributes the first number with the A letter inside.

How many times does the number 8 appear between 1 and 100?

This is also a common riddle that frequently appears when it comes to counting numbers from 1-100. The answer to this question is 20. When we want to elaborate it, we can count it from 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98. Sometimes, we count it 19. It's because there are 19 numbers involving the number 8. However, when we reach the number of 88, there are two numbers of eight. So, the correct answer is 20 instead of 19.

Number Chart 1-100
Number Chart 1-100downloadvia
Kindergarten Worksheets Numbers 1 100
Kindergarten Worksheets Numbers 1 100downloadvia
Number Chart 1-100
Number Chart 1-100downloadvia
Printable Number 1
Printable Number 1downloadvia
Large Printable Numbers 1 100
Large Printable Numbers 1 100downloadvia

How do you write No 1?

Numbers from 1-100 are also used to describe nothingness, like nothingness as in a person. We can use number 1 or one to describe nothing a person appears, like "no" "one" that is used as a phrase. The correct answer to write this is "no one". We add the space between those words. No hyphen is needed. Even though it's not completely wrong, however it's just the uncommon form to describe nothingness as in a person.

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