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Jun 15, 2022
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Black and White Labeled World Map Printable
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What are the differences between maps and the globe?

Both map and globe are the representative of the world that guide us in the study the structure and also the geography. The main difference between a map and a globe is that the maps can be simplified to a certain part of the world but on the other hand it can also use as the whole world representative, meanwhile, the globe can only present the world. The next difference can be the materials of use. The map represents the area on the paper meanwhile the globe presents the world in a sphere that you can rotate around the axis. A map is a form of two-dimension material and the globe has three-dimensional. A globe represents the world in more detail meanwhile the map is more informative. Globes consist of heavy materials that are not easy to handle. The map is more simple and easier to bring everywhere.  The map can be used to navigate your way to the intended places meanwhile the globe cannot use for this one. Globes have a circle and semi-circle for the latitude and the longitude. On the other hand, the map version of longitude and latitude represent horizontal and vertical lines. Maps also have various series such as a world map, political map, and more. Based on the differences above, both globes and maps have pros and cons. Use the one that is suitable for your needs. Globes that provide the details about geography can be used as a tool for geography class and the map can be used for navigating your way due to its ease to handle and the flat form.

How can you use jigsaw maps puzzle in elementary students’ classes?

 When it comes to the classroom project that uses map form, the jigsaw puzzle can be one of the options. The jigsaw puzzle is such a problem-solving game that allows you to complete it to form the whole picture, in this case, the map of certain places. The jigsaw map can be used to train the students in memorize and understand certain geographical places. In this project, your students have to complete the jigsaw map puzzle by looking at the provided map picture as the guidance. The students have to arrange the puzzles one by one to form the right map picture to resemble the guidance. Before moving to the world form, you might use the smaller territory such as a country. Choose your country to make them familiar with the geographical form of the place that they lived. This is how you can use the jigsaw puzzle in map form for teaching students, especially elementary students. Go further with using the world maps if they are already familiar with the smaller territory.

Printable World Map with Continents
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Printable World Map Labeled
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Printable World Maps Labeled
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Simple World Map with Countries Labeled
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Printable World Politcal Map
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Printable World Map Coloring Page
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Printable World Map Outline
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Printable Labeled Map Of World With Oceans And Seas
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Printable Blank World Map With Countries & Capitals
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What are the classroom projects that utilize map form?

Utilizing maps in geography class is familiar for any student. It helps the students to memorize the name of each territory that provide on the maps such as the country names, the ocean name, mount name, river name, and so on. These are the classroom project in that you can include the maps as the tool. Use the maps to make your students memorize the country names. In this project, you should provide the maps and also the blank world maps. Use common world maps to make your students memorize some territory. You could start with the continents name. After you think, you gave them enough time to memorize, you can continue to test them with the blank maps. Point the certain continents and make them guess the name of the continents. You can also use the same form to make your students memorize the country names and also other geographical names. The next project can be making your students draw the maps. Ask them to bring utensils such as the pencil color, pencil, and the drawing book with the grids.

The one and only that you have to provide is the map. You might require them to draw the whole world or some territory in detail. If you think this idea is too difficult for them, you can go with the following idea for a classroom project. This one is labeled the blank maps. It is such a tool for testing the students understanding and knowledge of the territory on the map. Before continuing with the project, make sure you tell them to memorize the certain place that you will use as the materials to test them. Here’s what to prepare. You need to serve two kinds of map templates. These are the blank maps and the colored maps that have the name of the territory. Cut the colored part into pieces of any part of the map. You should also require your students to bring some equipment such as glue and styrofoam. The styrofoam will be used to make the 3D effects of the map. In this project, the students should label the blank map using the pieces of maps part that you’ve been cut then attach them to the blank map template to create the right map in 3D form. Another idea can be to label the blank map using the name country tags. All the above can be applied to the junior high school class. 

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