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Jun 15, 2022
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Printable World Map
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How can you explain the difference between physical maps and political maps?

The map is used as a tool to learn about the geographical surface of our earth. The map is commonly made with paper which is flat and easier to handle. The map has three main components which consist of direction, symbol, and distance. The benefit of having a map is that we can use it to direct us to a certain place that we want to go to. Maps consist of three types, the thematical map, the political map, and the physical map. The following explanations would like to discuss the difference between physical and political maps. The physical map is used to indicate the water area and the forms of landscape, meanwhile, the political map represents the geographical boundaries, roads, and another related. In terms of functionality, the physical map is used to show the geographical feature of the earth and the political map is used to present the territorial borders. If you want to see the map that has mountains and valley features raised, you are required to use the physical map. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the flat one, just go with the political map. In terms of color use, the physical map uses dull colors to show the feature. The political maps use the bright colors that are commonly used as the differences between the cities, states, and the country.

What are the largest islands in the world?

Island is part of the earth's surface where we lived. Therefore, some islands have the largest area. These are some largest islands that spreading around the world. Baffin Island is the 5th largest island in the world placed in Canada. The surface area reaches 507,451 sq km. This island also has been inhabited for over 3000 years. The culture living in this place is Paleo-Eskimo. The population that lives on this island is 13,148. The next one is Madagascar which is located in southern Africa. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. This place is also well-known as a place of rare wildlife that you cannot find in other places. In this modern time, the population of animals and the plans have been threatened due to hunting, agricultural purposes by clearing the land, and invasive species. The 3rd largest island in the world is Borneo which is divided into three countries of Indonesia (the largest), Malaysia, and Brunei. Borneo also consists of diverse fauna and flora. It also has the oldest rainforest in the world. The most popular animal that exists in Borneo is Bornean Orangutan. The 2nd largest island in the world is New Guinea. The half western part of New Guinea is administered as an Indonesian territory named Papua New Guinea. It is known as the place that has the tallest mountain in the Oceana which is named Puncak Jaya. The largest island in the world is Greenland. This place also includes the ice sheet whereas the other one only can be found in Antarctica. Greenland was known for having the largest national park in the world. The territory administered by Denmark has a surface area that reaches 2.130.800 sq km.  These are the 5th largest island in the world.

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What are the facts about maps?

The map is representative of the world in its simple form. From the map, we could see each territory in this world and know exactly where it is without directly going to the places. These are several facts about the maps that you might be curious about. The name study of maps and map-making was named by cartography, meanwhile, the person was named by a cartographer. The first person who draw the world maps in ancient times is Anaximander who used his assumption of the cylindrical earth shape as a reference. There is two north on the maps, which are the magnetic and the true north. The magnetic is the direction that is pointed using compass needle points. The true north can be described as the geographic north pole. Not all the places in this world are drawn on the maps and vice versa. The places that exist on the maps and do not actually exist can be concluded as the mistake of maps maker which had limited resources while creating the maps. The existence of maps is believed to be approximately 16.500 years old. There are no accurate maps in the world because the earth is spherical meanwhile the maps are flat. There was a map designed for the outbreak of cholera in order to know which places has cholera cases and to provide public water pumps. This map was designed by John Snow in the mid of 19th century and took place in London. The largest map is Earth Platinum which has six feet tall and four and a half feet wide with a weight reaching 440 pounds. The map was published in 2012. These are some facts about maps that you might want to know. However, there are many interesting facts about maps which not provided in this paragraph.

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