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Updated on Sep 10, 2021
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Why are People So Obsessed with Organizing?

Organizing is something that is liked by many people because it is related to human psychology. According to the explanation of a clinical psychologist in Chicago, organizing is a natural part of human beings. By nature, humans feel comfortable with organizing because it helps them to predict things. Predictions help them feel safe.

An example of an organizing concept is arranging things in an easily accessible area. It helps us to find various items easily. In this way, we will feel safe because we can search for all of those items.

Many people are obsessed with organizing because it helps people to be in control of everything from the physical to the emotional. Organizing helps people to organize items. If you arrange items, you will have a stable mind and emotions. This was also explained by a professional counselor at Mend Modern Therapy.

The control of emotions has a positive impact on the quality of one's life. Because organizing helps people to have pleasurable experiences, people feel better. They use that good experience to remember the various items they store.

What are The Benefits of Being Organized?

Organizing skills provide important benefits to children's development. Therefore, teachers and parents must teach these skills from an early age so these skills can last long. In general, these skills help improve children's academic performance and self-esteem. In addition, there are several other benefits that children get through organizing skills.

  • Time Management: Children can have good time management if they are good at organizing. With good time management skills, kids can manage multiple tasks.

  • Creativity: Organizing also helps kids to increase their creativity. That's because they have to arrange various items and activities. It requires creative ideas and problem-solving skills.

  • Productivity: Another benefit of being organized is increased productivity. Organized children understand the different tasks they have to do at home and at school. So, they can complete all the tasks.

  • Social Skills: Organizing is one of the best ways to improve children's social skills. The reason is, children have to interact with other people to complete various tasks. So, it helps children to communicate, collaborate and resolve conflicts.

  • Mental Health: One of the benefits of organizing is improved mental health. Organized kids can manage their emotions well and it has a positive impact on their mental health.


How to Help Children Organize at School and Home?

Organizing can be a useful skill for children. There are several ways you can teach children about managing their belongings.

  • Checklist: You need to make a list of tasks that must be completed by the children. The checklist will help children to know the tasks they have to do.

  • Study Space: You also have to prepare a comfortable study space for children. Prepare the various facilities they need to complete all those tasks.

  • Household List: If you want children to be organized at home, make a household list that lists their various task lists at home.

  • Calendar: Because organizing is also related to time, children need a calendar to determine the date of the task. The calendar functions as a scheduler that will reduce conflicts between you and your children regarding when these tasks will be completed.

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What is The Psychological Influence of Being Organized?

As explained above, one of the benefits of organizing is improving mental health. Well, here we will discuss the psychological influence of organizing.

So, the environment influences human thinking. Meanwhile, organizing is related to the environment. Therefore, organizing affects human thinking.

Imagine if you often see messy tasks or objects. A simple example is when you cook in the kitchen. You will be able to cook food if you arrange various kitchen utensils.

Organizing also helps you to focus on certain tasks. If you don't organize your tasks, you will be frustrated. It also distracts you from completing all the tasks because you can't focus on all the chaos.

Getting organized is the best way to reduce anxiety and depression. With organization, you can improve your mood because all the tasks and objects are well organized. If your mood is good, you will avoid the risk of anxiety and depression. It will also make you happier.

As previously mentioned, organizing can help children to increase their self-esteem. So, a messy room makes you insecure because you have no control over the environment around you. So, organized space and tasks will help you to feel good and be proud of yourself. Automatically, it has a positive impact on increasing your self-confidence.

Another psychological benefit of being organized is to build good relationships with other people. That's because you can delegate various tasks to other people well so teamwork will increase and it strengthens connections.

If there is a lot of chaos around you, you cannot relax and calm down. So, you can't relax.  It will affect your mental condition. Getting organized is a great way to let yourself relax. It helps you not to waste a lot of time and effort because everything is well organized.

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