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Jun 24, 2022
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Printable Vintage Sewing Labels
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What is the best way to label clothes?

Sewing labels are commonly found on the inside of our clothing. Typically, sewing labels provide us the name of the brand and how to take care of the fabrication of the attire. If we want to start our own clothing label, here are six ways to put our sewing labels inside:
1.    Laundry marker
One of the benefits of using permanent laundry markers is that they are not so costly. The ink is inedible even though the fabrication is washed or ironed. The disadvantage of using the laundry marker is that the ink can penetrate the front side of the fabrication. The stain will last long, even permanent. To handle this, Place a base, such as cardboard or cardstock, under the area you want to write on. When it bleeds, the ink doesn't hit the other parts, but the cardboard itself.
2.    Laundry stamps
This works similar to laundry markers. However, we can customize the stamp to have a certain shape. So, we won't draw the label from the beginning.
3.    Sew-in labels
The labels are sewn with woven labels. We can see clothing companies use this as a label. Usually, these sewing labels are made into a bundle and produced for a mass purpose. Therefore, this method is quite costly and time-consuming.
4.    Iron-on labels
The label can be adhered onto the clothes if we iron the surface of the label. The plain labels can be customized with ink laundry markers too.

How do you sew a clothing label?

To make the sewing labels attached on the garment, follow these steps of sewing a clothing label:
1.    Prepare the sewing label, a thread, and a needle.
2.    Fold the right and left side of the label with small creases.
3.    Thrust the needle from the back side of the label. Make sure the need is thrusted and reach the top corner of the label. Then, pull the needle through.
4.    Put the label on the center of the inside part of a garment. Make sure it's also positioned on the back of the neck.
5.    Make two stitches on the corner of the sewing label, attaching the garment.
6.    Pull the thread down, then put the needle through in the bottom.
7.    Do the same couple of stitches to the other corner.
8.    Turn the garment upside down. Make sure the thread is in the same position. Pull it through to the top corner of the side.
9.    After pulling the thread through, do another two stitches, then go underneath.
10.    Pull it through again, and move the thread and the needle to the corner on the bottom. Make sure these stitches on the inside of the label crease.
11.    Lastly, knot the thread on the third stitch. Pull through the thread once again, stick the needle, then cut the rest of the thread.

Sewing Room Printable Labels
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How do I make my own T-Shirt labels?

Here are the steps to create T-Shirt labels:
1.    Print the sewing labels template.
2.    Prepare the following equipment: a piece of ribbon, a piece of transfer paper, iron, towel, and a scissor.
3.    Print the labels reversed on a piece of paper. We can print multiple sewing labels in multiple. Make sure we customize the size so it will be suitable for the ribbon.
4.    Cut the printed sewing labels.
5.    Cut the ribbon as many as the amount of printed sewing labels template.
6.    Place each side of the sewing design face down onto the ribbon, leaving a little gap in the middle so that we will be able to fold it in half.
7.    Put a towel onto the stacks of ribbon and the transfer paper.
8.    Heat the iron and hold the iron onto the towel for a certain period of time.
9.    Peel the transfer paper off.

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