Printable Kids Christmas Craft Reindeer

Nov 28, 2022
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Printable Reindeer Crafts
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Where Can We Get The Inspiration to Make Kids Christmas Craft Reindeer?

There are many ways to get inspiration for making Christmas crafts for kids of reindeer. Let's start with the traditional ones; TV shows, Christmas movies, and children's magazines. A lot of figures of reindeers you will find in Christmas special TV shows and movies, and animation as well. If you get inspiration from the magazines, they usually guide you with the how-tos and how long will they make the crafts. You can also get ideas from the internet since there are many children and family forums out there that always share the steps and tips.

What Kids Can Make of Christmas Craft Reindeer?

There are a lot of creations you can make of reindeer shape. There is the easiest one, which is a popsicle stick reindeer ornament. You can also recycle the toilet paper roll into reindeer doll from those rolls. If you love a sweet treat, you can make reindeer rice crips or turn the candy canes into reindeer's antler for a sweet gift. If the only ingredients you have are flour and salt, you can make reindeer ornaments out of salt dough. For small children, you can make a reindeer footprint. You can make it as ornaments or wall decorations. Use the origami to make reindeer bookmark. 

Where Can We Make Kids Christmas Craft Reindeer?

Most of the time, this craft is done by children students, most probably they make it at school. They will make reindeer Christmas crafts for an art class or if they are part of the religious community, they do this in Sunday School. They are also free to do the reindeer craft at home guided by their parents. They can do it on their desks or in the living room while waiting for the Christmas cookies. 

Printable Reindeer Head Pattern
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Where Can We Put the Reindeer Christmas Craft by Kids?

Mostly, the reindeer crafts are designed for Christmas tree ornaments. But, some people prefer not to arrange a Christmas tree because of some reasons like time efficiency, lacking space, and want to try a new tradition of displaying a Christmas tree. As a result, the reindeer craft ornaments are hung on the wall, staircase, and in front of the door. If you don't want to hang them on the wall, it is fine too. You can also display them on the table, Christmas stockings, and fireplace. There is a decoration for the outdoor with the reindeer too.

Why are reindeer connected to Christmas?

From Santa folklore, the figure of reindeer is known to be the animal that pulls Santa’s sleigh. That’s why this animal is always connected with the celebration.

Rudolph is mentioned as another name for reindeer. It was written by Robert L. May in 1939 and mentioned that Rudolph represents the magical Christmas. In fact, he was inspired by the 19th-century poem about the 8 reindeer pulling the Santa sleigh.

Aside from the fantasy story, this animal is known as the one which helps humans in supporting their livelihoods. It even becomes the animal that play part in World War II which was for carrying injured soldiers.

What is the spiritual meaning of reindeer?

Aside from pulling the sleigh, reindeer also has a spiritual meaning which makes the animal linked well with the celebration.

The reindeer represents a lot of things that might make everyone impressed. This animal symbolizes cleverness, creativity, wisdom, resourcefulness, and inventiveness. People gave honor to them because of the nobility. It also represents the tribe's continuation. It is also in line with elk, deer, and moose families.

The figure of reindeer teaches people to be strong both emotionally and spiritually. This animal is also easy to adapt with new environments and is such an inspiration for making everyone catch up with that kind of situation. Their strength and endurance of them might motivate you to have power in life and not to lose spirits during hard times.

What animals that related to Christmas?

Christmas become a holy commemoration which celebrates almost in all countries. Some traditions take some animals to be part of this holiday season.

The connection of penguins with Christmas is because of the North Pole. The living habitat of this animal is Antarctica which is an icy place. So, it’s kinda connected with the story of the Christmas fairy who flies to the North Pole.

Turkey is connected with the holiday due to the connection as a menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Previously, in the 16th century, the main menu of the dinner was a goose. But then changed due to Henry VII which make this fowl the staple food.

Kangaroo is associated with Christmas because of the Australian legend. Based on their origins, the kangaroo was the animal that pull the Santa sleigh. The leaping ability which reaches 25 feet in the air would make sense and be impressive more if they can fly.

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