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Jan 12, 2023
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Printable Easter Word Search Puzzles
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What are cognitive games seniors should try?

Playing mentally stimulating games can help seniors to have the risk of dementia and also increase their brain health. The study shows that the ones who play this game have better memories and even have more sections of their brain which is the place where memory is sorted. Some games that seniors should pray to promote brain games are:

  1. Word searches

Word searches really work on aging brains. The process of problem-solving in this game is should be looking at the clue. It leads them to have good reasoning skills. The brain will be active once they figure out the words and the position as well.


  1. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles help them to increase their cognitive skills. It leads to better concentration. By solving this brain game, seniors might experience forgetfulness. That's why this game helps them to focus on the same task which let the brain exercise.


  1. A memory circle can

This kind of game is also great for boosting memory. In this game, everyone should sit down on the chair in a half a circle. Let them throw a childhood story or activity. The special thing about this game is that the participant has to tell anyone's story except themselves.


What is the strategy to play the word search?

Playing a cognitive game such as word search can be so much fun. Yet you also get the benefits for your brain. It can increase your reasoning skills and logical thinking. Aside from those facts, people might seek the strategy to play this game.

The common on in finding the words is to start going from the left to the right side while looking for the first letter that builds up a word. If the letter is already found, you should search the surroundings in case the next letter of the word is in there.

Look at the unusual letters within the word you are looking for. It's only when the word lists are provided. The common style will have capital letters, so it would be easier for you to find out the letters that stand out from others. The letters can be Q, J, X, and Z.

You can look for the double letters in the word you search. It will be easier to split especially if it has identical letters side by side. Stay hydrated and stay focused while doing some word searches.

This is because the words that are packed might confuse you, however, the word banks at the bottom could be such an emergency button when you are feeling puzzled. Some word searches even have surprise words you can find outside the clues provided.

Kids Word Search Puzzles Printable
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Kids Word Search Printable
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Printable Valentine Word Search Puzzles
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Is word search good for your brain?

Maintaining your healthy brain can be done through doing word searches and puzzles. It does not only bring a good mood for entertainment but also makes you feel challenged to solve the game. For some reason, word search is also good for your brain.

This kind of game also helps you to boost your vocabulary knowledge. Even only taking some words to test in a day, makes you have a more stretched and tested vocabulary along with deductive reasoning at the same time.

Building a hobby for solving word searches has an impact on decreasing the risk of memory loss and dementia. It's because the word search brings a sense of relaxation to your mind but is also challenging. Memories also work in this field. It's due to the player having to remember the words.

By completing a word search sheet, you will be performing effectively on your focus and concentration. If you want to finish the game in a short time, it leads you to really pay attention to it. Here you will experience if your routine of having word search as your brain exercise.

The word search game also elevates your problem-solving skills. In this game, the brain is trained to solve several tasks and complete all of them.

Who invented word searches?

When it comes to a word game that is packed with some benefits for you, it must be word searches. Aside from becoming a popular learning media and also a word-based game, another aspect you have to know is about the word search invented. Let's get to the details!

Norman E. Gibat becomes the person who design and publish the word search. It took place in the Selenby Digest on March 1, 1968, in Norman, Oklahoma. However, a Spanish puzzle by Pedro Ocon de Oro was published before the date.

The original page of the word search is 8.5 by 5.5 inches. This puzzle also was very popular at the time. That made many companies follow the original design. At the time, teachers in Norman schools asked the word search to print and substitute in their classes. Help your brain exercise by having this as a routine to solve by yourself.

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