Halloween Movie Trivia Printable

Jun 14, 2013
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Printable Halloween Trivia Questions
Printable Halloween Trivia Questionsdownload

What is meant by trivia?

Trivia is some unimportant or unnecessary fact of something. Trivia usually related to things that most people know and enjoy like movies, celebrities, music, or pop culture related things. This term originally was hence translated as “commonplaces.” Change in the meaning of trivia start in the 1960s when college students began to make a quiz about popular culture in their era. After that student newspapers at Columbia university refer that quiz as a trivia contest. After that show up a book called “trivia” that fill with some questions and answer from the quiz. This book achieved bestseller in the United States, then after that term of trivia is used to the quiz of extended and unnecessary knowledge. Nowadays many trivia contests success on television like who wants to be a millionaire. trivia a quiz not only can be a big program, but it also can be played with some group of your friends. It can be on any occasion and many categories like Christmas song trivia or Halloween movie trivia.

How do you make a trivia?

The first thing to make a trivia is to figure out what categories you wanna test your friend on. The subjects of trivia can be anything. It can be about some popular culture, silly things, or even if you play with some people with the same jobs you can do trivia about the thing you and your friend expertise. The next thing that you need to know is what kind of question you wanna ask. You can start to do some research on a topic you wanna make a question of it. The Internet will be a very good place to search for it. Be sure you have enough questions to play with. Write about 10-20 questions. You can make it multiple choice, so you need to prepare one correct answer and three false ones. Make diverse difficulties questions. Categorize it as an easy, medium, and a hard question.

Halloween Movie Trivia Games Printable
Halloween Movie Trivia Games Printabledownload
Printable Halloween Trivia Games
Printable Halloween Trivia Gamesdownload
Printable Halloween Trivia Games
Printable Halloween Trivia Gamesdownload
Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers
Halloween Trivia Questions and Answersdownload
Printable Trivia Questions and Answers
Printable Trivia Questions and Answersdownload

What is pub trivia nights?

Trivia nights are an event of trivia quiz that held in pubs. It’s a very fun group activity that also can improve your social status and make you look smart if you can play it properly or even winning it. Sometimes it comes with some rules and prizes for the winners. These games can be played individually but normally you need to make a group to play it. If it played with the group take your time to discuss it with your friend.

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