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Apr 06, 2022
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Printable Easter Activities for Kids
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What are some family-friendly Easter games?

Turn your Easter into a family-friendly by throwing some hilarious games. Tons of games are the funniest yet suit the best for Easter. If you are looking for some recommendations, this post is for you!

Egg hunt relay suits for all ages. This resembles the egg hunt but this one is a group game. Basically, you will divide the players to team up. The first player in the group will be searching for the designed area and find the egg. Then, come back to the team so the next player will continue the treasure. The team with more eggs will be the winner.

The Jelly beans spoon sounds great too. In this game, each player will race to walk out by handling the spoon filled with a bunch of jelly beans. In this case, is handled with their mouth without any hand help.

Each player needs to reach the finish line without any jelly beans falling out. The first player reaches the finish line and of course with the full jelly beans on the spoon. This kind of game also works with the Easter egg.

The jelly bean scoop game might turn your Easter wonderful. In this game, each player will have a turn to scoop the jelly beans with their eyes covered by blindfolded. All they need to do is scoop out as much as possible and the player that gains the most jelly beans is the winner. Decorating the Easter suits for all ages too.

You can divide the categories into adults and kids. Set the template for them to paint and décor. So, the player will decorate the egg using the template as the guideline. The painting design that is closest the most will be the winner.

Select one between those games and turn your Easter wonderful!

How do you decorate an Easter tree?

While celebrating Easter, you might consider the tree decoration too. If you have the Christmas tree, you can actually work with it. All you need to do is gather other embellishments that are linked to Easter. If you need the reference, let’s check this out and get inspired!

Gather the decorations and items you think to suit the trees. You can go with the Easter egg, bunny, carrot, baby chick, and many more. Let’s move to DIYing the decoration items. For the egg decoration, you can come up with tons of ideas and materials.

Plastic-based sounds are light and easy to place on the tree. Make your kids participate in the making of Easter eggs with stick stickers on them. If you have leftover eggshells, then awesome.

Make the egg decorating with paint the eggs cutely. Let your kids do this with paint the eggs using the stencils. Easter egg hanging décor will be great on the tree too. Just go with the paper-based that has been folded into the Easter egg. Insert the string on it and hang as on each edge.

For the Easter bunny decorations, go with the bunny headband as the items to put on the tree. Use the bunny doll for the peak. The paper-based bunny template will be spot on too! Print the blank template and make your kids color it.

Have a hole in the top of it and insert the string on it. Hang around the trees. The baby chick template can go with the paper-based or just use the miniature.

Those are the ideas for constructing the Easter tree decoration. If you find it interesting, just use them and elaborate with your creativity. Have a fun Easter decorating!

Printable Easter Games
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How can you decorate an Easter egg?

Easter is always linked to the egg as decoration. If you decide to do so, decide the theme and the materials you going to use. Tons of ways you can take for decorate the Easter egg. Let’s check it out to get the inspiration to paint your Easter egg.

For the plastic-based, you can go with the beaded style. Basically, you will cover the Easter egg with bead sprinkles. So, you need to cover the entire egg with glue and dip it into the beads.

In this case, you gotta need the smallest beads design. Turn it as the firefly crafting is adorable for kids. Prepare the plastic egg, pipe cleaner, wiggled eyes, light bulb, and paper.

Form the legs and antenna using the pipe cleaner. Shape the paper into wing form. Stick them all together along with the wiggled eyes. Insert the light bulb on the eggs and boom! The Easter egg firefly is ready to make your kids impressed.

The leftover eggshells are works too. Go with painting the eggshell with shaving cream. This kinda suits the texture of eggshells that is easily broken. Mix the shaving cream with the paint. Create the pattern on it and dip the eggshells in it. Direct paint is also great too. Just scratch your brush on it and make the pattern as you wish.

Choose the style that fits you the most and have fun decorating!

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