Printable Christmas Games

Updated on Nov 25, 2022
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Printable Christmas Games
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What games can kids play on Christmas Day?

If outside snowing heavily, then it’s a sign for you to arrange an indoor game for your kids on Christmas day. The indoor games have to be the ones with no large space needed. If you are seeking a recommendation about the kid-friendly indoor game, let’s check it out and get inspired!

Having a trivia game sounds interesting for kids. Besides, it also makes all the participants gain knowledge about the celebrations. Gather some kid-friendly questions that are intended for them to answer.

The questions can be about the common treats on Christmas, the meaning of the celebration, the movies, and more. Arrange this game with provide the trivia card with the questions and answers for the host. Prepare a special gift for the winner who has the right answer the most.

Charades could be a fun game for indoor celebrations. Turn it to the Christmas theme by making a list of clues linked to the celebration. For the indoor game, you can just decide a person to act out while others just guess the body language.

Basically, a person will act out the clues you’ve been provided, of course, it needs to link with Christmas. Other players need to guess what the person acts out. The individual that has the most right answer is the winner.

Decorating Christmas trees sounds interesting too. For this one, you can divide the kids into two groups. Prepare the materials such as the Christmas trees and all the embellishment. In this game, they need to race in decorating the tree to closely look at the example you’ve provided. The faster and the closest decorators will be the winner.

Those are indoor games to throw on Christmas day. Select the ones you think it’s fun the most and make sure you prepare everything well.

What cool Christmas gifts I can share with kids?

Kids always waiting for the Santa gift on Christmas day. Being a good Santa for your kids by giving them a special gift package. If you are looking for a cool recommendation, here are some of the themes to choose to be your kids' Christmas gifts.

After watching Turning Red’s movie, your kids might get excited to have the red giant panda as a gift. Take the doll from the toy store and wrap it out with the red gift box along with the red ribbon.

If your kids love singing, guess you should consider the karaoke machine as a gift. Choose the ones that have highlighted colorful light bulbs, so they can sing festively.

A set of pajamas with their cartoon characters printed on it would make them happiest. Pack with the storybook to read at night sounds interesting too.

Having an action figure as a gift to add to your kid’s collection can be considered. Give them a set of their favorite action figure and wait for their priceless reaction once they open it.

Those are the things to pack as a Christmas gift for kids. Considering having the ones that they want the most is important. Therefore, before deciding to give them, make sure you already looking for their current interest.

Printable Christmas Word Games
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What are the items related to Christmas the most?

The end of the year always exciting due to the Christmas and New year celebrations. Talking about Christmas, it always has the things that are linked to the celebration the most. Therefore, all of them become symbols and often adopt as Christmas decorations during the celebration.

Stars become the Christmas symbols you will find almost in every place during the upcoming celebration. The star itself represents the sky sights when Jesus Christ was born.

During the celebrations, you will see the lights across the street and hanging everywhere. It’s the lights and candles becoming the Christmas symbols that represent Jesus as the light of the world. The candle and lights are also reminders to always lighten people and help each other.

No Christmas without decorating the tree. The association of Christmas and the tree build a tradition of having a tree decoration with other symbols. From the religious side, the tree means a reminder of hope and new life. The green trees are also a sign of the winter end, so it’s linked as well to the celebration.

The evergreen wreath is linked closely to this holiday. The wreath is often in a round shape with red embellishments as the signs. The purpose of hanging on the door means an invitation for the spirit to bring the happiest celebration into your home.

During ancient times, bells rang as a sign of the Christmas season. That’s why it become one of the Christmas symbols nowadays. Other symbols you need to know are candy canes, stockings, gifts, Holly, and Poinsettias.

Why should I throw a Christmas party for the officemate?

The holiday season break always becomes the most exciting time of the year. After a family and friends party, hosting an officemate one would be such a great idea. If you still putting your consideration in here, just see the reasons below and decide!

  1. It’s a part of saying thanks for their hard work. Prepare some Christmas presents with the thanking words and wrapped them nicely.

  2. Bounding is the most crucial reason. Let all the employees socialize with each other. In case there is a thing, you can help them out to discuss it in a casual way.

  3. Motivate and help them refresh. It’s time to close the year happily and start a new life next year! Throw some quotes and motivational words to make them keep up.

  4. Having fun! After loads by the works, it’s good to let them enjoy the party time.


What’s the purpose of celebrating Christmas at school?

Christmas holiday is the one student always wait for. They can take a break while receiving gifts and enjoy the sweets. Therefore, bringing up the celebrations in your school could be great too. the benefits you can deliver for kids during the celebration are:

The celebration brings happiness which can release students’ stress from learning. Let the kids throw out their burdens for a while and enjoy the festive winter vibes!

Let them feel the spirit of sharing with others. Construct a hand-made gift and arrange some sharing activities with them. Prepare the gift box with the bow and wrap the gift nicely.

Make each student have a connection with each other. The celebration in a classroom might make them participate to do the group work. With this, you can build bonding while also showing the beauty of diversity.

What are some facts about Christmas?

The cheering holiday season party won’t make you forget about the facts behind it. Here are some interesting facts about Christmas you might be curious to know.

  1. Candy canes are created at the first to make the choirboy quiet. This candy was invented in 1670. At the time, the choirmaster shares stick candies during the service. The purpose of the hook here is to make it easier while hanging in the tree.

  2. The classic dinner tradition is enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was because KFC marketing during 1974 and start becoming a popular tradition nowadays.

  3. In the US, kids can get a reply from Santa. It is called Operation Santa which volunteering to reply to kids’ letters.

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