Printable Halloween Stories

Jul 08, 2022
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Printable Halloween Stories
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Printable Halloween Stories for Kids
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Where can we tell the Halloween stories?

It bites your skin, frightens you, yet interests you; telling Halloween stories. It is best to read it together with these settings.


No matter the age, people like creepy stories. At parties, they at least get the chills from inside of the building. Especially if it is in a house, there are your parents holding you. 


Halloween stories get real when you read them out loud in outdoor settings, like a campfire. The perfect time to tell the stories is when the sky is already dark. Be watchful for the fire pit.

Classroom settings

For kindergarten students, they will learn about confidence and reading comprehension. It keeps improving when they are older in elementary to high school. There are many tones they can try to invoke the eerie vibe. 

Are there any benefits in telling Halloween stories?

Absolutely! There must be communication between the storytellers and the audience. They bring the characters as if they are real. It leads to the confidence level of the readers. Halloween stories, as you know, can have a special treat, especially when you read them on October 31st with a group of people with Halloween costumes. Then, it follows improvisation and creative skills. 

Printable Halloween Stories
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What are kids’ Halloween stories about?

The main characters are not only living beings. But, we can divide the scary meter. The not-so-hardcore theme is about animals; missing pets, mysterious cat meows, you name it. The setting of the place can be in the dark wilderness and forest. Obviously, you will find Halloween stories about humans and ghosts; a creature under the bed, living bones, and many more. The house they live in is left many years prior due to unwanted terror from the unknown. There, they also see flying objects and moving things. 

What do Halloween stories based on real events sound like?

Do you like watching unsolved mystery documentaries? In case you do, which cases are your interests? You can probably name a few like a mysterious disappearance and death, bloody house, serial killers, and many more. Whether you want to make a fictional Halloween story of your own, you can get inspiration from these real events. But, to make sure you know the true story, you can hear from investigation videos or audios. Nowadays, you can see and listen to it from online sources. Then, add the settings and motives with your imagination. 

How is the beginning of the Jack O' lantern story?

The story of Jack-o-lantern comes from the ancient story of Stingy Jack. Based on a historical source, at first, Jack was asking the devil to drink with him. Jack didn't want to pay for his drink, so he asked the devil to turn it into a coin.

After it happens, Jack keeps the money and places it near the silver cross which prevents the devil from changing to the original form. After it passed a year, Jack continues to trick the devil to climb the tree and pick fruits.

Therefore, Jack carves the cross sign on the bark of the tree so the devil cannot come down and not bother him for the next ten years. Jack died and was unallowed to enter heaven.

Due to his revenge, the devil sends Jack into the dark and only leaves him with the burning coal which places inside the turnip carving.

Since then, people start to carve the turnip. Irish found that pumpkins were way easier to carve so they keep carving pumpkins since the day until known as Halloween tradition nowadays.    

How do make students talk about their Halloween experience?

After the Halloween commercial holiday, you might create a project for your students that related to this spooky day.

You can ask them to talk about their fun experience on Halloween. It can include what kinds of activities they held on to Halloween.

Let them write on a piece of Halloween-themed paper. Hand them the blank template with spooky pictures along with a Halloween theme color. You can also give them a starter by using a writing prompts template so they can spark their creativity in completing the story even if they start with the same starter.

How can I do the Halloween story worksheet?

The Halloween story worksheet provides a story of Halloween that require the students to do the task based on it. Many kinds of form tasks you can find when it comes to the story worksheet.

You can choose the worksheet which requires the students to complete the blank spaces to complete the task. In this kind of worksheet, you will find the list of words your students can pick and also the story which already has some blank space on the sentences.

Your students’ job is to find the best answer based on the story they read and match it with the right vocabulary provided. This story worksheet might enhance students' logical thinking by placing the provided vocabulary into its space.

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