Disney Halloween Pumpkin Stencils Printable

Aug 02, 2015
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Disney Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Carving Stencils
Disney Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Carving Stencilsdownload

What are the Disney Halloween pumpkin stencils for?

Surprise surprise, not only is it for pumpkin carving but also other Halloween decorations. This is a great time to do teamwork between parents and children. 

Patterns for pumpkin carving

You can carve the Halloween pumpkin with characters other than Jack-o'-Lantern. The easiest inspiration to draw on it is from Disney characters. You will stick the stencil on the surface where you want to carve.

Cake decoration and painting

Stencils are commonly for art. The state of art itself doesn't strict with the coloring utensils and paintbrushes. You can sprinkle the powdered sugar with the stencil on top of the cake to form the face of a Disney princess.

How to use Disney Halloween pumpkin stencils?

Great, now you've printed the Disney Halloween pumpkin stencils. Don't lose the paper, okay because we haven't finished yet.

First things first, ask your parents for help because you will use sharp objects to cut out both stencils and pumpkins.

Second of all, grab the printed Disney Halloween stencils. We need to cut out the black areas of the picture, then we poke the lines on the pumpkin with a pencil so the children can try it out.

Thirdly, parents gut the pumpkin by cutting the top of the pumpkin. You can get an ice cream scoop or pumpkin gutter.

In the fourth step, cut the outlines on the pumpkin to make the face of the character. 

Finally, you can place the candle or LED lamp to light up the pumpkin with Disney characters.

Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils Olaf
Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils Olafdownload

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How to get the inspiration for Disney Halloween pumpkin stencils?

There are 2 possible ways for you to get the inspiration for this year's Disney-themed Halloween decorations and crafting; going to Disneyland and watching cartoons on Disney Channel.

At Disneyland, not only can you play all the rides and games, but also see the characters on the streets. After you get back home, you can draw the characters you saw for pumpkin stencils. 

Most people choose the simpler way, which is watching shows on Disney Channel. From morning to afternoon, there are many interesting shows that you can see for pumpkin stencils and Halloween themes as well. 

Are Disney Halloween pumpkin stencils scary?

Of course not. You can choose the animal Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Some also choose Goofy and Donald Duck because they have silly characteristics. Do you like Toy Story? We have Forky and little aliens. Don't forget Tinkerbell and Peter Pan because they will get you to Neverland.

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