Printable Halloween Bookmarks Jokes

Updated on Jul 19, 2022
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks Jokes
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Printable Bookmarks Halloween Jokes
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What can you use as a bookmark?

Reading scary Halloween books on Halloween night is a fun thing to do for a home person or a homebody, and it’s a nice and calming activity to do for some of you who might be already too tired to go out, attend some Halloween bash, or perhaps you already feel you are too old to trick or treating ant too lazy for the costume-making hassle. But hold on, how are you going to mark your scary book? Try to mark your book with Halloween-themed bookmarks with something cute like paper bat bookmark and feather bookmark, or something funny like Halloween bookmarks jokes, or straight-up scary like fake bloody finger bookmark.

How do you create a bookmark?

Making bookmarks are one of those fun creations to try on Halloween. We can make some Halloween bookmark jokes for ourselves, or for friends, it makes great gifts too! You can try the unique, easy-to-make bookmark creations below. Here's how to make Halloween bookmark jokes creation.


Materials and tools needed:

Halloween origami paper


How to make a bookmark from origami paper:

  1. Cut the paper into squares with a 6 x 6-inch paper size.
  2. Fold the paper's bottom into a triangle.
  3. Fold the paper's left corner to the middle.
  4. Also, fold the right corner of the paper to the center.
  5. Unfold it so that it forms a triangle again.
  6. Fold the center top flap down.
  7. Take back the left corner of the paper and tuck it in the middle.
  8. Likewise the right. Take back the right corner and tuck it into the center of the paper.
  9. Write some personalized Halloween bookmark jokes.
  10. And you are done! Super easy!

The simple bookmark of the origami paper is finished.



Printable Halloween Jokes
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Halloween Jokes Printable Bookmarks
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Halloween Jokes Printable Bookmarks
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Halloween Bookmarks Jokes
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How do you make a simple bookmark?

Even though now is the time to have fun on Halloween, reading books is still important to gain insight, and caring for books is equally important. Must be stored in the right place, clean by removing dust regularly, and do not cross or fold books even to mark reading. Therefore, you definitely need something as a bookmark. Now that it's Halloween time, you can make an easy Halloween bookmarks jokes from ice cream stick!

Ice cream stick bookmark

Materials and tools needed:

  1. Big ice cream stick.
  2. Black paint or ink.
  3. White pen.
  4. And crafty rope.


How to make Halloween bookmark jokes from ice cream sticks:

  1. Black paint about 3/4 of the ice cream sticks.
  2. Then when dry, write some short Halloween joke like ‘what's a ghoul favorite dessert? I-Scream!’
  3. Then, make a hole in the unpainted end of the stick to insert the decorations that will later hang outside the book.
  4. The Halloween bookmark jokes of your ice cream sticks are ready.

How to make simple and cute button bookmarks?

Have you ever thought about creating some bookmarks to go with the "return to school" theme? Then, using your extensive button collection, we may create some bookmarks. Around the house, you can also find this stuff such as paperclips. Make these easy and adorable bookmarks by taking them out.


  • Paperclips

  • Fancy buttons (or ribbons)

  • Hot glue

  • Felt

This instruction is actually very simple, even a child could complete it (just be cautious to help with the gluing). Follow the details steps below:

You only need to use hot glue to attach your paper clip to the button's back, and afterward trim a small piece of felt to cover it. The felt will maintain the glue's seal and maintain a steady surface.

Use several colorful buttons and all the bright colors to express your creativity. These would also make wonderful presents. Simply attach them to the head of a card to create a cute little gift for your friends.

What are different types of custom bookmarks?

Do you know that some individuals read frequently while others just rarely do? In either case, the majority of people can discover a need for a bookmark.

There are numerous types of bookmarks available, however, most people think of them as a plain rectangle that you can use to indicate your spot while reading. Depending on personal preference, the following bookmark categories are ones to think about.

  • The string. A specific kind of bookmark is a string. This is a unique method to use string, and since it is available in several colors, there are countless options. The advantage of utilizing manufactured string is that it will likely last for a very long time.

  • Maintaining the ribbon. Like the ribbon, bookmarks can have a delicate feel about them. These fragile items of clothing are often made of cotton, though occasionally silk might be used for a bookmark.

  • Options for custom printing. The concept behind this is to print out customized bookmarks with the user's own pictures or inscriptions on them.

  • Inserting the charm. The charm bookmark is also another type of bookmark to take into account. This one is a little more complex and may be compared to the ribbon bookmark. The trick in this situation is to add charms, such as pearls or other objects, to the tip of a bookmark.

  • Put a metal on it. The bookmark is made of heavy-duty metal. These are often not particularly thick, but neither are they extremely sharp. If metal is chosen, it's crucial that the edges are rounder than pointed, merely to be safe.

  • Both embroidered and valuable. Bookmarks with embroidery are both elegant and sturdy. Compared to standard bookmarks, they are frequently rather thick, but they still work.

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