Printable Halloween Bookmarks

Jul 11, 2022
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks to Color
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How do you make a unique bookmark?

There are many types of unique bookmarks that you can make, and the bat corner bookmark is one of them. Since a bat shape is quite unique and it’s kind of fit the Halloween season, here is how you make a bat-shaped corner bookmark. You will need black origami paper, black construction paper, white paper, eye stickers, scissors, glue, and a pencil.

  1. Fold the origami paper diagonally on both sides then unfold it.
  2. Fold the origami paper into a triangle, and then fold the top corner of one of the paper layers downward.
  3. Bring the left and the right corners to the center, and crease it. After that, unfold the corners.
  4. Fold the left corner toward the top of the triangle, and fold the right corner too.
  5. Tuck in the left ‘flap’ to the pocket, and tuck in the right ‘flap’ too.
  6. Make the decorations. Use the black construction paper to make little bat wings by drawing or tracing bat wings, and cut it out. Use the white paper to make two little fangs.
  7. Glue the bat wings, little fangs, and eye stickers and stick them to the origami bat.

How do I make a vampire corner bookmark?

Making a vampire corner bookmark is pretty easy since you have to know how to make a bat corner bookmark. It is actually the same but the differences are in the decorations.

  1. Make the basic shape of the corner bookmark. For this step, I recommend you to use light purple colored origami.
  2. You need three colored paper for these decorations which are black, red, and white. Use the black colored paper to make the hair, pupils, and eyebrows cutouts for the vampire. Use the red colored paper to make cutouts of the upper side of the coat, and the tongue. Use the white-colored paper to make cutouts of the eyeballs and the sharp teeth.
  3. And the last step is to glue all the pieces together. Put the decorations in the places that they belong to. The hair goes on top of the bookmark, the coat goes on the back, the tongue goes on the lower flap, and the fangs behind the upper flap.

Halloween Bookmarks to Print
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks
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Halloween Bookmark Printable
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks
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Printable Halloween Bookmarks To Color
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How do you make a ghost bookmark?

The most popular shape of ghosts that are made to be a bookmark is the emoji ghost or Snapchat ghost. Making a ghost-shaped bookmark is actually the same as making vampire shaped and bat-shaped corner bookmark.

  1. You need to make the basic shape of the corner bookmark using white-colored paper or origami and then make the upper side into a circle. You can use anything to trace the circle.
  2. Cut your circle. It will be leaving two straight edges and you can glue them together to make it tidier.
  3. Attach the ghost’s body and draw a ghost emoji face.

What is Halloween Pagan?

Halloween traditions exist in previous centuries. This commercial holiday roots in the Celtic pagan festival named Samhain.

This festival is the moment of dead spirit is allowed to enter the living life. It is also the moment when the spiritual world is visible to humans. The Celtic believed by collecting all of the harvests in Samhain, it won’t be damaged by the evil spirit.

They offer the harvest to placate them. In the 880s, the Church was designing the tradition which includes the Celtic spirit and Catholic saints on November 1 which is nowadays known as All Saints’ Day.

The grown-ups of Halloween tradition also include the origin of jack-o-lantern and also trick or treating.

Why does the owl associated with Halloween?

Owl has such a creepy appearance. This animal has a fierce stare and the scariest is it can turn its head up to 300 degrees. Owl has sharp beaks to attack their enemies and as living wounds to survive in the animal chain foods.

This creature has creepy sounds which can make you shiver. Owl often mentions being associated with Halloween. The reason of owl becomes a Halloween symbol is it is known as a sign of a bad omen.

Many people love to have owl designs as their Halloween decorations. The owl template looks good to place as your Halloween wreath. If you have a plan to place any Halloween symbols inside your room, an owl clock would be such a great idea.

Are there any good Halloween read-aloud for kids?

Halloween is such an exciting time for the kids. Therefore, you might need the activities to hold during your kids' Halloween celebration. It can be by reading a Halloween book. Here are some book recommendations to choose from.

  • Room the Broom allows your kids to practice rhyme and follow the story of a witch inviting her friends using her magical broom.

  • Georgie the Ghost is a classical book published in 1944. It tells about a ghost name Georgy helping a human in a haunted house.

  • The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin has a moral value which delivers through the story. This book teaches that being different is beautiful and also special. It tells the story of a pumpkin born to be a different and unique shape.

  • Clifford’s Halloween provides a story of a little girl with her dog's Halloween adventure. This book is suitable for your kids if you want to acknowledge them with spooky things.

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