Printable Goal List

Updated on Feb 10, 2021
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Printable Goals List
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Why do people need to have a goal?

Having goals in life is not everyone's obligation, but it would be better to have a meaningful life right? With a goal, life will be more structured because you will live it as a process to achieve goals. The goals in life consist of various kinds, depending on the principles and also the desire of the person to live their life. No one has the right to set and dictate goals in someone's life because the person who is responsible for the goals and life of each person is the person itself.

What is best goal in life?

The best goal in life is actually something relative. But you can find out some criteria that are generally referred to as life goals. The main thing is having a good life such as financial stability, a positive mindset and also good health. These three criteria can be translated into a goal list with specific types and sentences. In this case, you will find the relativity that each person has because the priorities and how to achieve it will be different.

How do you create a list of life goals?

If you have your life goals in mind, it's better to write them down in a paper or journal so they can be easily seen. Having a list of life goals can be a reminder when you are losing your way in life. In the goal list, the main thing is to write down the goals you want to achieve. After that, break down the goal by writing down how to achieve it and the time frame. If you have done everything, you can provide a checklist on the goal list that you made when you succeeded in achieving it. Writing your life goals into a list requires a lot of consideration, so you need to take time to think clearly.

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Can I make a goal list for daily routine?

Goals do not just consist of something bigger to achieve. You can practice on a daily routine to make it a goal. If you succeed in achieving your goals on a daily routine, it means that you will be better prepared for something bigger because you already have a good habit of achieving goals. Start by developing a skill that can be done on a daily routine. Make goals for a daily routine that can provide a better quality of life for you.

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