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May 17, 2022
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Frog Calendar Printables
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How can you DIY a calendar with a frog theme?

If you are about to teach your kids with a calendar, then you might come up with the idea of creating a calendar with your kids. Tons of designs to choose from.

Select the theme that closely relates to and things they are familiar with. The animals’ theme is kinda attractive yet well known too. Choose the frog as the template on your calendar DIY. Let’s jump to the making process.

Gather all the material first. It can be white paper, frog stencil, pencil, black marker, coloring pencil, Styrofoam board, glue, and scissor. Instruct your kids to trace the frog template to the paper. you can help them by sticking the stencil into the paper and letting them stretch the pencil on it.

Tell them to color it with the coloring pencil. This kind of design will be for the date template. Therefore, they also need to write the date number using the black marker.

After having the date, you can jump to the day’s name. For this one, you can just make the cutouts and let them color it in green as the frog representation.

Tell them also to create a larger cutout for the month’s name. Done with all the content, it’s your turn to help them in placing each content. You can start from the month first. Then, continue with the date and the days.

Those are how you can DIY the frog calendar with your kids. Make sure you put each item in the right place. You can take the real calendar as guidance.

What can I involve in the calendar worksheet for kindergarteners?

You might think that kindergarteners are too early for a learning calendar. However, you can still work with it as long as it’s simple and elaborate the fun things. Using the worksheet is such a great alternative for it. If you are looking for a recommendation to put on your worksheet, just check it out to get inspired!

Before jumping to the worksheet, make sure you already teach the kids' calendar content such as the date, days, and months. Start from the very basic task they should work with. To make them better in writing the calendar content, you can go with the dot to dot. Provide the calendar template with the date in the dots for them to complete.

For the days, you can make them repeatedly connect the dots with the repetition days’ names on the template. Jump to the month, and let the kids connect the dots of the month's name. If you think including all the months' names will be too much, then just divide it into two worksheets with repetition.

After going with the dot-to-dot, using coloring in learning the calendar can be considered fun for kids. Provide the days and months' names in the bubble font and let the kids color it as they wish. For the date, you can make them sign every Sunday date and color it.

Combining all the content to be a worksheet is also great. Make them color today’s situation. Start by coloring the date, give the circular and color the day, and also color the font of the month.

Those are the content you can place on the calendar kindergarten worksheet. Make sure they already understand the concept of the calendar and let them enjoy the activities.

Large Printable Calendar Numbers
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What special days come in April?

DIY the calendar makes you have to list the special days that take place each time. Therefore, you might need the reference to fill it. If you are looking for special days in April, just check out to know!

April Fools’ Day has been celebrated for centuries on 1st April. World Autism Awareness Day also takes place in April. To be exact on 2nd April it commemorate to raise awareness of autism.  7th April become the time that everyone around the world celebrates World Health Day. This celebration started in 1950.

On 15th April, Good Friday is taking place. It’s the time that Christians celebrate Jesus' crucifixion. This celebration commonly fills with the church visit and the time they remember Jesus Christ's sacrifice.

Easter celebrates on the 17th of April. This is a religious holiday for Christians to commemorate Jesus’ resurrection. On 22nd April, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. This celebration starts in 1970. World Earth Day is supposed to raise awareness to take care of the planet we live on.

23rd April becomes the English Language Day which commemorates the birthday of William Shakespeare. World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed on 28 April.

Other celebrations that take place in April are World Book and Copyright Day, World Malaria Day, World Intellectual Property Day, World Liver Day, World Heritage Day, International Dance Day, and World Veterinary Day.

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