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Updated on May 04, 2023
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30 Days Shred Calendar
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What is Meant by Procrastination?

Procrastination is the habit of putting off a job or task. If you are used to procrastinating, you are someone who does not have good time management and self-management skills. If this is done continuously, there will be various negative impacts that you will feel.

A psychology professor from DePaul University Chicago, Joseph Ferrari, said that about 20% of people in the USA often procrastinate. They like to spend time watching TV, playing games, shopping online, or checking social media before finishing their assignments. In fact, it will give a big impact on your life.

What Causes Procrastination?

Generally, procrastination can occur because a person is afraid or anxious about the task they will be doing. Therefore, they try to reduce their anxiety by delaying doing the task. Finally, they do other activities to feel happy like playing games or scrolling social media.

However, it was only temporary. Because in the end they also have to keep doing the job. So, for people who are used to procrastinating on tasks, negative feelings are the main reason.

One logical explanation for the reason why someone likes to procrastinate is that someone is easily distracted by instant happiness. Well, that can make them no longer focus on tasks or work and choose to spend time with more enjoyable activities. Psychologists also agree with this.

Meanwhile, people who are not used to procrastinating will choose to keep doing their tasks on time because they are still thinking about long-term goals. People who are used to procrastinating, they also don't think about long-term goals because their brain prefers to do fun things first.

What Are The Exercises to Overcome Procrastination?

The habit of procrastinating tasks must be overcome so it will not give a negative impact in the future. Therefore, you need to train yourself with a build exercise habit: overcoming procrastination and improving your health. How to do the exercise? Here's an explanation.

  1. Marathon

    First, you can run a marathon so you don't get lazy anymore. Run a marathon every morning. With a marathon, your body will become healthier and fresher.

  2. Walk

    One way you can make yourself stop procrastinating is to take a walk. If you have a dog or cat, you can take a walk around your housing complex with your beloved pet. You can also take a walk while listening to music or podcasts through earphones.

  3. Yoga

    Not only do marathons and long walks, but you can also do yoga. Do yoga every two or three days. Don't forget to use a mat so that you are more comfortable doing yoga. There are many yoga videos. Just choose the easiest yoga videos for beginners.

  4. Meditation

    People who like to procrastinate usually have negative thoughts. Therefore, train your mind to think positively. Meditation helps you to have a better mind. Therefore, you can do yoga for 20 minutes every morning or evening.

  5. Fitness

    You can also do fitness. If you don't want to go to the gym, you can do a workout at home. Do the workout for 15 minutes. You can use various workout video tutorials for beginners on YouTube. Don't forget to maximize your performance by setting up the goals on a 30-day shred calendar too!

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred Calendar
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30 Days Shred Calendar
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Jillian Michael
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30 Days Shred Calendar
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Various Reasons for Procrastination and How to Overcome It

As we explained, procrastination is caused by anxiety or fear of the task that must be done. However, there are other reasons that make someone procrastinate. Here are some other reasons and the ways to overcome them.

  1. Fear of Failure

    One of the reasons is the fear of failure. People who get a heavy task will tend to think they are unable to do the task. Finally, they postponed doing it.

    If this is the reason, it's a good idea to communicate this with the person who gave you the assignment. You can ask the person for advice related to your assignment so they can get advice or help.

    If you still feel afraid, it indicates that you have low self-esteem. Therefore, you should also ask for help from a professional therapist to be able to help you reduce this fear and anxiety.

  2. Bad Time Management

    Another reason is bad time management. This is because you are the type of person who is easily distracted so you can easily get distracted by other things like phone calls, incoming messages, or social media notifications. If this is the reason, turn off your phone while you are doing work or tasks. Don’t forget to schedule activities that must be done every day and do that schedule consistently.

  3. Personal Life Problems

    Some people procrastinate because they are having personal problems with family, friends, or a partner. It can affect your mental and feelings so in the end you are lazy to do your tasks and only focus on that problem.

    Therefore, you need to find someone who can listen to your problems. You can also ask your boss for permission to calm down first so you can be productive again. You should also come to a therapist or psychologist to ask them for the best advice.

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