Printable Camping Bingo Cards

Jun 28, 2022
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Camping Bingo for Kids
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What are the steps to making simple bingo cards for students?

Bingo is a game that can be played in a group. This game then often becomes kids learning material because it is easy and simple for the rules to follow. Making the students participate in the creation of the bingo card would be such a great activity. Start anything from the scratch such as deciding what kind of picture to place on the bingo card. However, you still have to guide them on the process.

One of the themes you can use is a camping bingo card. Camping bingo cards allow your students to know more about natural items that they might find while camping and also the camping item itself.  These are how you can execute it.

Making the students in the group can consist of 3-4 students. Based on the theme choices, you should gather the camping theme pictures. Ask them to list the picture with a camping theme to place on their bingo cards. It can be the tent, boots, rope, tree, fire, and many more. You can help them to find the uncolored picture that they list and also provide the bingo grids template.

Find the related picture and grids template, then print it out. The next student’s task is to color the picture and attach it to the grids. After done creating the bingo cards, allow them to play. Don’t forget to explain the rules first. As a result, in the classroom activity, you can make them participate in the project creation. As the explanation below, the activity of making a camping bingo card considered as crafting activity.

What are the types of camping styles?

If you have a plan in wasting your spare time on holiday outdoor, camping might be one of your considerations. Camping in nature helps you recharge the energy that has been taken away on productive days. Seeing nature will refresh your mind and prevent it from the stressful.

Before holding the camping, you have to plan everything, so your time won’t be wasted on a bad camping experience. It includes the camping styles you want to choose. There are some camping styles you might need to know.

The first one is tent camping which is categorized as basic camping that can be held in a recreational sport, camping part, and anywhere outdoor. Hiking camping is often described as a homestay that you build by yourself once you have mountain hiking. This camp style is the way you take a rest while climbing to reach the mountain’s peak.

Car camping can be the option for you to take the kids and introduce them to nature. If you have a plan to go camping this summer, make sure you choose the right style. If you take the kids, you should arrange car camping because this one is the safest camping style than the other.

Camping Theme Bingo Card Printable
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What are the activities you can do on your camping worksheet?

If you want to introduce your students to camping, making a camping-theme worksheet would be a great idea for execution. Creating the worksheet allow your students to know the camping vocabulary, camping items, and what it looks like.

There are many kinds of tasks you can place on your worksheet. It can the coloring task, counting, vocabulary task, and many more. Here are some of the camping worksheet styles and how you can arrange them.

In the camping coloring worksheet, you can provide one of the camping items such as a tent. Choose one template that divided the tent into some parts with the coloring code on it. Provide the coloring label that should match the picture.

Tell your students to color the tent based on the color code provided. Besides, you can directly provide the uncolored template of the campsite and make them color it on the template based on their preferences.

The next is for the counting task. Camping is often connected with nature, so it allows you to choose one of the natural items in your worksheet. Provide the night scenery of the camping site along with the sky.

In this worksheet section, the students have to count the stars and write the number result on the space provided. If you want to make, some kinds of object, you can provide a picture of fireflies. Make sure you give clear instructions regarding the task.

The last one can be a vocabulary-based task. Matching the words with the picture task could be great. In this project, you have to pick the template that provides a picture of camping items along with the list of scramble words.

They have to fix the task with the picture as a hint to solve it. Using camping crossword allowed too. You may provide the clues in picture or word form. In this task, the students have to guess each clue to complete the task. In conclusion, many kinds of worksheet styles you can use to engage your students in learning.

Nowadays, it’s not a difficult job to create a student’s worksheet, because you can only search for the template you need on this site and arrange it by yourself to your preferences.

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