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Feb 24, 2023
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Prayer Journal Template
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What is Journaling?

If you've ever been to a stationery store, you've probably seen rows of diaries. Well, journaling is almost the same as a diary. So, journaling is a way to write down all your feelings and thoughts in written form. The goal is to make writing more understandable.

You can write down many things such as the emotions you are feeling, the events you have just experienced, and the plans you will do. The difference with a diary, journaling does not contain private matters.

In journaling, you can write anything without worrying that other people will read it. So, journaling can be used to write private things or not. You can also write down things in the past or what you want to get in the future.

You can share your journaling results on social media. It is useful to be able to inspire others. However, don't share journaling that contains personal things on social media.

What are The Benefits of Journaling?

Many people do journaling because it can help improve mental health. This is also reinforced by a statement from James Pennebaker who is a well-known psychologist in Expressive Writing.

According to him, journaling can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. With journaling, the quality of social relations between people can also be better. The reason is, journaling is related to T-lymphocytes immune cells which make the body stronger, improve quality, and reduce high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, according to a psychotherapist named Maud Purcell, when doing journaling, the two halves of the human brain will work actively. The left brain plays a role in doing rational and analytical things. Meanwhile, the right brain plays a role in doing creative, intuitive, imaginative, and sensitive things.

All of these things will eventually be able to cure mental illness. By journaling, we can also use our brain's ability to understand ourselves and everything around us better.

Not only beneficial for mental health, but journaling can also help to increase creativity. The reason is, when doing journaling, we have to write anything. So, we can have high self-sensitivity to be aware of everything that happens in our lives.

We can understand our emotions. So, journaling is a great way to calm your mind. Therefore, you need to try this activity. Especially for those of you who often feel negative emotions.

How Does Bible Journaling Help You Grow Spiritually?

You can try to do bible journaling to increase your spirituality. If you are still unsure about doing this, these explanations will make you understand what can be done to help you grow spiritually.

  1. Give The Truth

    Sometimes, humans mix truth with sins. Well, it can help us to know better what is right. That's because by writing a journal, we can put all our thoughts on paper. 

  2. Softening The Heart

    A soft heart will be able to accept all good things. Well, it can get if you do bible journaling. With this activity, you can often read various quotations in the Bible. That's what makes you a gentler and wiser person.

For these reasons, bible journaling will help you strengthen your faith. The reason is, you have to write all the words of Allah and His commands when carrying out these activities.

Printable Bible Journal Pages
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Printable Bible Journal Pages
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What are Bible Journaling Ideas?

If you want to try making bible journals, you should find some interesting bible journal ideas. If you can find what's best for you, you won't get bored while doing it!

  1. Creative Response

    You can write quotes from the Bible in a more creative way. It will help improve your brain power and make you understand new things.

    Some examples are turning Bible quotations into poetry, songs, or works of art. If you are making art, you can write down the Bible quote and make an illustration.

    One day, when you read your bible journal again, you will find the most valuable thing you have ever made. However, it is better if you read it every day so you can remember all the quotations in the Bible.

  2. Notes

    Another thing you can do to make your bible journal is to take notes. You can read several sentences in the Bible and make notes of what you have read.

    Then, add decoration around the note. It will make you find important things in the Bible. You also can learn it any time.

    You can give feedback and write the characters in the stories written in the Bible. It will be easier for you to understand it. Use words that can make you understand. Don’t forget to mark the important parts.

  3. Personal Response

    You can also write your response related to what is written in the Bible. How? You just need to relate it to your current life. Then, write down the power of God that has made you what you are today.

    You also respond from the perspective of other people around you. Ask them about one or more things written in the Bible. Then, write it down in your journal.

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