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Updated on Mar 07, 2022
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Is there a compass on my phone?

Absolutely. When it comes to the compass, we are required to a device that can detect the anomaly of the magnet. So, to understand the direction of land or a surface, it is required to know the anomaly of the magnet. So, we need a device called a magnetometer. We can find a magnetometer on the Android phone. Well, we can also download apps of the magnetometer. There are plenty of apps that provide us a magnetometer. Well, keep in mind, not only the recent or the latest phone or Android version that has a magnetometer. We can even find the magnetometer as the compass on our old and cheap phone.

What way is the north?

Yes, we know that holding the real compass is not so handy. It is full of a hassle since, yeah, we don't bring so many stuff, including a compass as it can fill our space. Instead, we can use our skills to understand which way this is. When we know where the north is, we can understand the other directions, like the south, west, east, and many more.

Well, to know the north without using a compass, let's use our imagination. Let's say, it's two o'clock. We can create an imaginary line between the hour that we choose, in this case, two o'clock, and twelve o'clock to make the line of north and sound.

Then, we are required to notice that the sun always rises in the east. Also, the sun also sets in the west. So, this benchmark can be used to tell us the north and south are. If we are in the Southern Hemisphere, we can do the same, but make sure the steps are reversed.

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Printable Compass Rose Coloring Pages
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On Google Maps, how do I get a compass?

Well, without the app of magnetometer as the compass, we can also the built-in apps to know the direction, yes, Google Maps. Surely, Google Maps shows us a direction. So, the app has required the compass, specifically the digital compass. In this case, we need to find the compass inside Google Maps and how to operate the compass when it comes to Google maps.

Well, here are some steps to use the compass on Google Maps:
1. Find the My Location icon, we can find it in the header.
2. We can find the compass comes in an icon of a rose. It will appear on the top left corner of the phone or the screen of the phone.
3. The map will adjust itself based on the direction when we hold the fone. It can shift from an overhead view. This works to create a more angled view. We can see the icon of a compass needle appear. The red side of the needle is the symbol of the north.
4. If we have finished using the compass mode on Google Maps, we can touch the rose icon again.

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