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Jun 08, 2022
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Printable Coordinate Graph Paper
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What are the coordinate grids used for?

Coordinate grids are very likely a combined two number lines that can be used as the pinpoint base for making shapes. You probably will notice that on the map or graph, grids and paper are being used and the coordinate grids are being used as a sort of tool to help form some specific points with the help of the numbers on the X-axis and Y-axis. This coordinate is being taught as an introduction in the Year 4 of elementary school to help children or students plot the right coordinates according to the number.  In the number lines theory, there are plus and minus numbers to check on. Yet also a starter, the children will be given ordered pairs of numbers on positive numbers first. They will also be given two quadrants first before in the Year 6 be given coordinates to work in four quadrants. If you are thinking about how this mathematics theory will be used, well, this coordinate grid learning can be very useful to understand the measurement (as you might notice that an architect needs precise numbers on marking the spaces and sorting). This will bring a knowledge of different shapes perspectives as in 2D and 3D,  also to help pilots give their location of the plane (which is why there is another name for coordinates learning known as a coordinate plane and Cartesian coordinates). Math might cause you bamboozled, but it surely surprising how it will help you in real life.

Why are coordinates learning used in math?

For some elementary students, learning coordinates might be the thing they wonder what they are supposed to do with these lines and points to search with numbers as they finish their studies. Plus it might be not very easy for those who really don't catch a spark with math. The theory of coordinate itself in math is to help them use symbols and letters for comprehending situations that require critical thinking such as reading maps, spatial awareness (fun fact is as you want to design your bedroom or office, you need this kind of coordinates awareness to get everything fits just right.) This subject also will be able to support them to understand reading the ups and downs of a graph such as for sales reports and sort of. So, as for in general the basics of all the theory you were taught in school may broaden into varies as you step forward through.

Coordinate Grid Graph Paper
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Why is it important to apply real-life teaching?

Children have lots of curiosity and some surprising questions to ask sometimes. They might be asking where God is or why stars shine like a yellow light. Well, they are really impressive. So as the phase happened to us, we understand there is some importance in teaching them logical thinking and applying the lessons that have been taught in real life. In fact, bonding the experiences with what has been taught to us would bring a much bigger impact.

The process of transfer and deep understanding is based on the connections and concepts that apply with meaning and context to the real experience. For example, you can start with grocery shopping. As an activity that is pretty much close to the kids, it can be started here. You can get the concept of numbers by counting each item added to the basket. The transactions you did with the cashier will let them know the value of the money too. Both in a way for getting things needs money and how much budget you need to prepare and sort of the things. As for science, you can do an experiment with a simple glass pouring. Each glass might have different forms but they also consist of the same volume. Not only your kids will be wondering about this interesting fact, but they might also be surprised as if you are just done some magic trick!

What is some basic math that is used daily?

Everyone is already getting the basic skills in every subject during their school days. If your kids might be wondering how to apply what they call difficult math for daily life in the future, you can mention that most of the jobs and activities we do in real life need it. This is why the theory and the application need a connection concept. The basic math that is being used daily were addition, division, addition, subtraction, and grouping. It is also called the order of operations. Even if you happen to plan to major in Art, you need to understand the space calculations. When you are about to hold an exhibition, you have to measure the space of the gallery and the kinds of dimensions of your artwork to place. In fashion designing, of course, you need to measure! You need to understand and apply mathematical algorithms to calculate the cost and create your designs. In the kitchen, you have to know how to get the right ratio for your cooking or baking since the weight measuring uses cups, liters, grams, and others. So it is better since the early time when your kids don't seem to find math that much fun, try to bring them examples from everyday life and importantly, a fun way to do so it will be less not very easy for them to face.

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