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May 30, 2023
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Memorial Day
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What are War Memorials?

War memorials are physical objects made to commemorate war. Usually, the names of war victims or war stories are written on the war memorials.

With these war memorials, people who lived in the aftermath of the war would be able to understand the history of the war. Therefore, war memorials are also a way to increase a sense of nationalism among citizens, especially young people from that country.

What is the Importance of War Memorials?

As we explained above, war memorials are a way to remember people who have been involved in war. It is also a way to honor them.

Not only that, war memorials are built in a unique shape so they also contribute to increasing the artistic value of a country. Usually, war memorials are placed in a certain area and used as a tourist destination. So, it will bring in revenue for the local area and the country.

What are the Types of War Memorials?

Actually, there are many types of war memorials, but in general there are only two types of war memorials.

  1. Functional War Memorial

    This type of war memorial is made with a functional design. So, this war memorial was not only built as an object used to commemorate the war and people involved in the war, but also to provide additional value. An example is a school or church that was built to commemorate the war and honor the victims or war heroes.

  2. War Memorial with a Traditional Concept

    Traditional war memorial is a war memorial that is commonly made. It is also known as a monument. The shapes can be various kinds. However, usually the form of objects related to the war.

How to Maintain a War Memorial?

War memorials are historical heritage. Therefore, all citizens and the government must make an effort to maintain the war memorials that have been built. We provide an explanation in preserving the past: efforts to restore and maintain war memorials below.

  1. Domestic War Memorials Maintenance Process

    Each country has its own policy for caring for war memorials. This is the responsibility of the authorities in the area where the war memorials are being built.

    The local government usually also has a special team that is tasked for maintaining the war memorials every day, such as cleaning the area and making regulations so no one enters the area without permission. Some other efforts that can be done are as follows.

    • Using waterproof material to ensure no leakage.
    • Ensuring that the sewers function properly so flooding does not occur in the war memorials area.
    • Replaced and repaired the area around the war memorials.
    • Coats the surface of war memorials to make them look like new memorials.
    • Cleaning the war memorials area from dry leaves, trash, snow, or melting ice.
    • Ensure that there are many trash cans in the area for visitors who come there.
  2. Overseas Maintenance Process

    The state can also carry out the maintenance of war memorials abroad. The trick is to work with parties from other countries to renovate the war memorials.

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These are Famous World War I and World War II Memorials

The world was shocked by World War I and World War II. Those were two major wars that caused many people in various countries to become victims. Colonization happened everywhere and many countries attacked each other.

After World War I and II ended, many organizations and governments built war memorials in their countries. So, here are war memorials to commemorate World War I and World War II that were built in two major countries in the world.

  1. War Memorials in Washington

    The United States has a war memorial located in Washington. The war memorials began to be built in November, 2017. This was done by the United States government to commemorate and honor the United States soldiers who had fought in World War I or the Great War in 1917-1918.

    The war memorials were built in the form of statues of US soldiers with a height of 65 feet. The war memorials construction project requires funds of $ 50 million. A special commission was created to handle the construction of the war memorials.

  2. War Memorials in Poland

    Poland also has a war memorial called Auschwitz. This is still related to Nazi who played a big role in World War II. During World War II, Adolf Hitler succeeded in expanding in Germany and various other countries in Europe. In fact, Nazi also expanded to Africa.

    There are many countries that have suffered from the expansion carried out by the Nazi. One of them is Poland. Poland was the first country to lose to Germany in 1939. Nazi built two large camps there. Those were used as residences for Nazi military. 

    Today, the building still exists. However, there were only a lot of empty rooms. Meanwhile, there are many photographs showing the condition of Polish citizens during the Nazi occupation.

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