Blank Sudoku Grids Printable 4 X 4 Grids

Jun 03, 2022
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Print Blank Sudoku Grid
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How to start playing Sudoku for beginners?

Sudoku puzzles come in various layouts. There is also a type of grid called Samurai Sudoku grids, well, it sounds pretty much an intermediate level to challenge. Worries not as a number puzzle game, this game could start from simple grids such as 4x4 grids. These sudoku grids are likely to be better for beginners and even kids. The mini-grids consist of 4 rows, 4 columns, and 4 boxes with a total of 16 cells. Among those cells, there are 1-2 digits that count between numbers 1 to 4. The simple rule to get this puzzle done is that you need to fill in the empty cells that the number should require the following notes: once per row, once per column, and once per box. 

This is where logical thinking skills are needed. You have to make sure where you should write the right digit that follows the previous rules before. One of the tricks you can apply is to look at the last empty cell in the row. If one row were filled with 2, 4, 1, then which number to write? Exactly, the number 3. You can go slowly and get used to this mini-grid at some points then move on to more variables for more number puzzle challenges.

Can you use a customized Sudoku template in a worksheet?

Using puzzles or interactive games is one next level of learning tool that is effective to engage children in a subject that is being taught. Not only as an ice breaker, but you could also use puzzle or game templates in your worksheet or assignments. For example, on math subjects, which some students have struggled with the most, you can create a Sudoku game template provided in the classroom or study session.

Sudoku is known as a simple number puzzle that can be played even during your train trip. As to where the Japanese used to and make it popular to get their spent time better on the train. However, it is not only simple math you can solve. The math thinking that can do the tricks on sudoku is the logical deduction. Because you have to think about the possibility of the number to eliminate and what to add to the empty cells left. On a worksheet for students, you can start with simple 4x4 grids or 9x9 grids. Other sides of getting your worksheet templates look different, it is good for logical thinking development skills and their focus and concentration on solving problems.

Blank Sudoku Grid
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Printable Blank Sudoku Grids 4 per Page
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Printable Blank Sudoku Grid
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Blank Sudoku Grid
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What games can you play with blank grid paper?

Commonly used in matters of subjects such as learning math media, drawing, and sudoku puzzles, the grid paper can even be more fun to play around with various games during your break time at work or school. First up is the Hangman game. This old but gold game can be played with two or more. One player needs to think of a word and each word guessed wrong makes a mark of drawing the hangman on the gallows. The words can be filled in within each cell on the grid paper. The one who gets the word without getting the man hanged won.

Next is Battleship. With two players playing, each player needs to make 10x10 grids on their grid paper. Like many other battles, there are two sides; My Ships and Enemy Ships.  On the X-axis labeled each cell for numbers 1-10 and on the Y-axis with A-G.  No diagonal ships are made and only horizontal and vertical ships are allowed. Each of the players needs to take turns to attack by calling out the coordinates of a square. Similar to the Bingo game, you need to call out whether your attack is Hit or Miss. When between the players there is one that loses the ships first, they are defeated.

What are the pros and cons of playing Sudoku?

Like many other games, playing Sudoku also has its pros and cons. Aside from it being known in the beginning as a fun game with simple math solving, there might be frustration that grows in you. Since you still need to get the right sets of numbers to get the right results. Plus as you go down deep with getting the answer, it will cost you time to finish. Your brain energy and patience are on the test as well (which is why some can get frustrated). Then when you are getting addicted, more time will leave your responsibilities too. Since you might take this number puzzle as your sweet kind of escape during your break.

Yet the pros of playing sudoku on the other way are pretty much as useful as meditation. Aside from noise-canceling headphones, solving the sudoku puzzle could recharge your energy from your surroundings. When you achieve the goals of getting the whole cells with the right results, you will be feeling much better with a sort of achieving your best effort on getting things done perfectly on your own. This kind of feeling could boost your mood somehow. Lastly, as the most popular brain exercise, this game is usually made to help seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s get their cognitive brain skills refreshed.

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