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Updated on Nov 25, 2021
By Printablee Team
Printable Cookbook Cover Designs
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What is cookbook?

If you’re going to be a master in your kitchen, the one thing you should have is a cookbook. What is cookbook? From its name, you might already know, this book will accompany you during your journey in the kitchen. You will write all your recipes on this book, you might also write a note about your journey in this book. So, basically this book is like your diary on the kitchen. What you feel and what you face will be written in this book.

What is the function of cookbook?

You might think what are the benefits of having cookbook? The answer is, it has many benefits more than you can imagine. To be clear, this book will help you assess your progress in a kitchen. Day one, you might success to cook an egg, but do you know after a month, you can cook a delicious crispy chicken? To track this progress, you will need a cookbook. It’s not just a book full of recipes that you get on the Internet, or from your friends and family. This book will be a report card. And maybe, you can see the development of yourself in the end. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

Printable Cookbook Covers
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Can I make my own cookbook?

Well, of course you can make your own cookbook. You can even distribute it to your beloved family and friends after you finish it. However, what you should do to make your own cookbook? Follow these simple steps below to make and to finish your own cookbook. Good luck!

1.       Start your book

In this first step, you should choose the material, is it hard back or spiral bound books? You choose it. This book should be professional like the books you see in the bookstore.

2.       Add recipes and photos

Yes, make it personal by attaching recipes and photos. This book will show your journey in the kitchen and photos are best to show your journey.

3.       Customize each page

Now, you should realize that there will be more than 100 pages on this cookbook. So, you should think how to make it look interesting? Therefore, you will know you should customize each page.

4.       Choose the best cookbook cover

The last part it choosing your cookbook cover. After you get done with all the contents in your cookbook, the last thing you should do is choosing the best cookbook covers to print. This part will be the most important step because some people will judge your cookbook by its cover. So, do it carefully!

5.       Publish

Now, let’s publish your cookbook and distribute it! You can sell it or you might want to give it as a gift to your family and friends. It’s up to you, but yes, your cookbook is ready to read now!

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