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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Big fan of puzzles here, especially when they get the brain ticking and eyes searching. Highlights magazine got these hidden object games, right? Find stuff buried in a busy picture. Problem is, not always easy to grab a physical copy when you want it. So folks look for printables, something to have on hand for a rainy day or to keep the kids engaged. They wanna print, search, and find, all from the comfort of home without the hassle of a store run.

We come up with printable hidden object activities, much like what you'd find in a Highlights magazine, but our own unique versions. They're packed with fun objects to find, keeping kids engaged and sharp. Each activity designed to challenge their observation skills and provide a fun, productive break. It's a good mix of fun and learning, great for quiet time or as an educational game.

Table of Images 👆

  1. Highlights Hidden
  2. Hidden Objects Highlights
  3. Find Hidden Objects Highlights
  4. Find Hidden Objects
  5. Hidden Pictures Winter
  6. Hidden Objects Highlights
Highlights Hidden Printables
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Printable Hidden Objects Highlights
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Find Hidden Objects Highlights
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Printable Find Hidden Objects
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Printable Hidden Pictures Winter
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Printable Hidden Objects Highlights
Pin It!   Printable Hidden Objects HighlightsdownloadDownload PDF

Tips & Tricks: Finding the Items

If your child or student has difficulty finding hidden objects, then some of the following tips and tricks can help them to solve it.

  1. Search by Color

    If you only look for these hidden objects randomly, of course, it will be very difficult for children. So, teach children to look for small and hidden objects based on their color.

    This method is the easiest trick because the color of a hidden object usually tends to stand out compared to the others around the object you are looking for. However, sometimes there are also items that are made with a similar color to what's around them. Examine all the colors of the object and look for the one that looks the most unique.

  2. Look for The Oddities of Those Objects

    If it's still difficult, then ask the child to pay close attention to the picture. Then, find the area that looks the most different from the rest of the image. Usually, they are attached in areas where they shouldn't be. For example, apples are placed in the garage, not in the kitchen.

  3. Search by Shape

    Apart from the color and weirdness of the object area, the shape can also be a trick to easily find. Searching for hidden objects based on the shape and area where the object is easily found is a trick that children can do when playing this hidden object game as if they were looking for some treats in the objects hunt.

    Children must be taught to look for objects that match the criteria or themes. Also, provide a limit on the objects to be searched for. This means children can only search for items or objects according to these limits. For example with a garden theme. Children can only look for objects that are usually in the garden area.

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  1. Garrett

    The printable images in Highlights Magazine's hidden object section provide engaging and interactive entertainment for children, promoting visual perception skills and encouraging focused attention.

  2. Isabel

    I love the Hidden Object Printable resource from Highlights Magazine! It's a fun and engaging activity that encourages focus and observation skills. Thank you for providing such a creative and entertaining educational resource!

  3. Avery

    I absolutely loved the Hidden Object Printable from Highlights Magazine! It provided a fun and engaging activity that kept me entertained and challenged. Thank you for such an enjoyable and well-designed resource!

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