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Updated on Jan 06, 2023
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Occupational Therapy Upper Extremity Exercises
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What occupational therapy exercises can you try for kids?

Occupational therapy is used to treat the person that interferes to do something important which is used in everyday life. Kids have the potential to struggle with exercise health issues. Therefore, some moves to alleviate the condition in kids.


  1. Construct a sensory bin


It is such a great way for therapy. Besides being playful, kids can gain many skills through the sensory bin such as fine motor skills, promoting visual learning, and more.


  1. Cooking with your kids


Involve kids in cooking activities is a part of managing their range sensory for completing each step kids should take. Start with cooking a simple recipe such as banana unbaked cheesecake. Only mixing and setting each layer will be a good style of therapy.


  1. Fun bath time


Kids always love to play with water. Make them more enthusiastic by adding the twists such as a bath with coloring that is safe for their skin. Water toys would support their imagination.


  1. Story time before bed


Make your kids' sleep exciting with storytime. Provide some illustrated books and let them pick one to read before sleep every day. This activity supports your kids’ imagination along with makes them pay attention while also improving concentration.

Those activities won't cause you in hectic. Try everything during the weekend while letting them learn and ease the occupational problem at the same time.

What do you know about occupational therapy?

Talking about occupational therapy helps people in relieving sensory, physical, and cognitive issues. With this, the people with this health problem would be more independent in doing any task of daily life by themselves. If you are curious more about this field, then this post is yours!

It makes the patient properly participate in daily occupations. It's intended for the person who seeks help in doing their everyday task including the kids. For them, the therapy would influence them to do things that every kid does such as playing, dressing, and more.

The therapists should be experts in analyzing the activity. They would look at the personal and environmental strengths along with the barriers, so they can choose the proper activity and the skills to gain.

The OT helps people with diverse diagnoses such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, stroke, and more.

The place where you can find therapists are hospitals, schools, clinics, health agencies, mental health facilities, and more.

This health cure movement was founded in 1917 by three men and three women at the time. Traced back in time, OT has already passed more than 100 years. What a massive.

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Thera-Band Shoulder Exercise Hand Out
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Occupational Therapy Visual Motor Worksheets
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How do you make a sensory bin for a tactile experience?

A hands-on activity is such an important thing in kids’ development. One of the great mediums for learning tactile experiences is using the sensory bin. This fabulous tool is quite easy to make by yourself at home. Here's how you can get through.

Kinetic sand as your sensory bin would support your kids’ imagination. With this, they can build something for it and force themselves keen to be creative. Place colored sand on a large container. Put various types of shaping mold for it. Let the kids enjoy while learning through scoop the sand and building them up!

Rice could be the simplest ingredient for this one. Its fabulous texture also helps their fine motor skills. Provide the scoop along with mini bowls, cups, and some toys. Instruct the kids to perform the role of them feeding the animal toys.

Colorful pasta would be wonderful too! Using this material can be developed into various lessons. Scooping the pasta and pretending it is a real scene that they feeding other persons with this. Sorting the color would be much more fun! Let the kids fill the paper cups by identifying the pasta's color. 

How can sensory bins influence kids’ development?

While letting your kids explore hands-on activities, you might wonder about the specific role of the sensory bin that is believed super beneficial for kids' development.

Sensory exploration is the one that kids can get. Through this learning tool, the sensory bin help kids differentiate smell, touch, sight, and sound.

Fine motor skills through involving your kids' hand strengthen. Grab the materials and let the kids start.

Language development also becomes a benefit. While struggling in finding the hidden items, they might chit-chat a lot. It's a good sign for speaking and developing vocabulary. 

Relaxing while touching the bins contain. Kids enjoy the calm down with a focus on the thing in front of them. Further way, they will able to play by themselves.


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