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Nov 15, 2014
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Christmas Movie Trivia Printable
Christmas Movie Trivia Printabledownload

Where Can We Get The Inspiration for Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers?

You can easily get inspiration from the internet. If the game is for children, you can grab their Christmas storybooks and Bible as well. On the internet, you can find the article about Christmas tradition, movies, classic novels, carols, and so on. There are a lot of Christmas facts that are new for some people and tricky for playing this game. But, don't we play this game because we want fun? You can also find the inspiration from Christmas brochures and advertisements since there are a lot of retails that promote the products with a Christmas theme. 

What Can We Say for Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers?

Basically, you can write as many as possible trivia questions and answers. You can ask the question around Christmas novel such as 'who was the author of A Christmas Carol?' and the answer is 'Charles Dickens.' If you want to ask about food, think about the raw ingredient such as 'what is the female turkey called?' People would burst into laughter when they find out the answer is 'hen.'

Printable Christmas Games Trivia and Answers
Printable Christmas Games Trivia and Answersdownload

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What are the Traditional Christmas Drinks?

Aside from the Christmas cookies, people also drink warm and festive drinks on Christmas day. The first one there's Eggnog. This creamy drink can be found in the vegan and storebought version. For the alcoholic one, there is Wassail. This drink has a very aromatic scent from ground nutmeg and ginger. There's also the warm Hot Buttered Rum. With its splash of vanilla, cinnamon, and allspice, your Christmas will smell so earthy. For milkier taste, you have Tom and Jerry for chilly Christmas night. For children, there is a Thanksgiving punch. Although it has 'Thanksgiving,' you can still drink it during winter because you will feel warm and cheerful from the cinnamon and orange. 

How to Make Eggnog?

Eggnog is one of the most favorite Christmas drinks. You can start by measuring the ingredients; 6 large eggs, a half cup of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, a half teaspoon of grated nutmeg, 2 cups of brandy, and 1 cup of milk. For the steps, after you bring together the ingredients, you can first beat the egg yolks with a quarter cup of sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and nutmeg. Bit together those ingredients until thick and has a light yellow color. Next, pour the brandy and milk together. You have to wait overnight by putting the mixture in the refrigerator. Before serving, beat the egg whites until soft peaks and add the remaining sugar. Then, fold the egg white mixture with the chilled brandy. Lastly, pour the egg yolk mixture first then the egg white mixture on top. 

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