Blank Printable Fortune Teller

Jan 09, 2012
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Blank Printable Fortune Teller

Blank Printable Fortune Teller

Paper Fortune Teller Template
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What is fortune teller?

Do you often heard about fortune teller? You might ever see them in a movie or maybe you have met in person. But, what do they actually do? What is fortune teller? Well, they are actually person who claim their self can predict the future of other’s life. They could know somebody’s life although they don’t know each other. They usually got this information by reading cards or using a light ball.

Fortune teller also has a long history. This job is known for so long since Renaissance. It also found from West and East culture, so it’s like everywhere. It’s like every countries has their own version of fortune teller. However, not every fortune teller has a good destiny. In the literature, there is information that said they are murdered by somebody else because of their power in predicting other’s life.

How does a fortune teller work?

Have you ever heard that fortune teller has magical powers? Well, they could have it or they could have not. It actually depends on what you believe. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in science? Or you believe it both? Some people said that fortune teller works with mathematical theories. Since we know that there are many fortune tellers in every country, they could have different theories about it. But, mostly it took mathematical logic in their work.

However, there are also some people who said that they just use “biased language”. It is often used also in astrology and zodiac. So, they use what it is called as “Barnum statements” that somehow sound specific and personal, but actually it’s just basic information that can be applied to many people. For a bad reason, some people say that fortune teller is manipulative. This is because they use statement that seems personal but actually normative.

Printable Cootie Catcher Template
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Paper Fortune Teller Template
Paper Fortune Teller Templatedownload
Blank Origami Fortune Teller Template
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Blank Origami Fortune Teller Template
Blank Origami Fortune Teller Templatedownload


What does a fortune teller wear?

This is actually what makes fortune teller looks magical and magnificent. If you see a fortune teller in a movie, look at their clothes and accessories. Their fashion is fabulous. They often use a long skirt, their hair is long, and they also love to wear jewelry. Their necklace often steals attention. Their nails are also painted. They also have a distinctive aroma that often described as their symbol of magical powers. Last but not least, they love to wear dark colors outfits! All these fashion items make them look magnificent.

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