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Updated on Jan 06, 2023
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Senior Chair Yoga Exercises
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Are chair workouts effective?

Maintaining your health condition is a part of a long-term investment. Do some workouts and make yourself healthier. One of the types of exercises you might want to try is sitting exercise. Let's get to the details!

Sitting exercises basically only make you sit down on the chair and do some moves. This one is great for seniors because they can possibly sweat just by sitting. Prepare a flat chair that makes you comfortable while it should be the one that makes your feet flat on the floor. Let your knees bend too. Don't use the one with the arms because it will limit your movement.

You can do this exercise at your office during work hours. Spend at least 30 minutes for this and burn 120 to 250 calories during the session. Using the tools such as weight and resistance bands can decrease your calories more.

Chair exercise can be the alternative to fulfill your workout schedule which is should get in 150-300 minutes a week. This exercise helps you improve flexibility and strength at the same time. As a workaholic, chair exercise allows you to get over aches and cramps only by sitting in the chair.


What is some sitting exercise move?

After knowing the facts of chair exercise, you might have an interest to practice this at home and even in your office. There are some moves you can work on it.

  1. Chest stretch

Sit down on your chair and pull your shoulder up. Spread your arms out to the side while also pushing the chest forward and up. Do this until you feel the stretch on your chest. Hold on for 5-10 seconds and repeat it 5 times.

  1. Upper-body twist

Sit and relax on the chair while letting your feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms on the chest. Make sure it reaches your shoulder. Turn your upper body to the left and far not letting your hips move. Continue with the right side and do at least 5 times each. This move will improve your upper back flexibility.

  1. Hip marching

As usual, start with sit down on the chair in the right position. Use your hands to hold the side of the chair. Move your legs one by one and put them down carefully. This exercise helps you to firm the hips and tights while making them flexible at the same time.

  1. Neck rotation

Sit down and let your shoulder relax. Put your head straight up and slowly turn it to the left and back to the first position. Do this on the right side too. Hold each for 5 seconds and do the 3 rotations each. It is such a great move to boost neck mobility.

  1. Arm raises

Start with the sit-down position while flattening your feet on the floor. Spread your arms to the sides and raise them. Take them back to the side position and put your arms down. Repeat this move at least 5 times. This kind of move will help you to strengthen your shoulder.

All of those moves are senior-friendly. As long as you prepare a comfy seat, and move your body properly, a significant impact will you feel. Make sure to be consistent also.

Seated Chair Exercises for Seniors Printable
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Senior Chair Yoga Exercises
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Chair Yoga Exercises for Seniors
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Seated Chair Exercises for Seniors
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How do I get rid of my saggy lower stomach?

Some people have their lower bellies as the place to store the fat. That's why it might seem bigger than ordinary looks. There are some causes that make this case happen. It might be from genetics, inflammation, lifestyle, and diet.

To get rid of your lower stomach fat, maintaining the exercise and things you consume is a must. The exercise will help to tone your muscles and strengthen the lower abs. Meanwhile, calorie deficit significantly impacts your lower stomach fat loss.

Maintain your calorie intake by meal prep and decide any nutrients you need at the time. The weekly chart would be great. To have the appropriate amount of nutrients, seek expert helps instead of figuring it out by yourself. It will help the program to be more effective.

Have some healthy protein with fiber-rich contents that you can get from broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. To boost your energy, add more proteins daily consume such as boiled eggs, lean meats, beans, nuts, and seeds.

Reduce your weight using high-intensity interval training. At a moderate level, people will do 30 minutes of cardio each day. Boost your heart rate with exercises such as weightlifting and Pilates.

 Besides, your lifestyle also needs to maintain. Some routines besides exercise and food will help yourself healthier. It consists of drinking enough water, maintaining your mental health, quitting smoking, and having good sleep quality.

Benefits of chair exercise

Chair exercises raise flexibility

How to lose the belly fat

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