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Nov 26, 2021
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Baby Weight Pool Template
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How does a baby pool work?

A baby pool is a game that is played by multiple players. In other words, this game is classified as a group game. This game requires the player to give their guess or the hunches toward the baby that will be born. The players can name the categories of the hunches, including the birth date, gender, weight, the first letter of the baby's name, hair color, and/or eye color. The information of the predictions above can be submitted to the baby pool template excel. The template consists of a table that can provide space for the predictions, the players' names, and the score that each player will get. A whole table can be defined as a pool. If someone guesses there will be twins or triplets, then the pool is multiplied as many as the baby inside the womb. Since this is a competition, whoever wins, they definitely collect the most scores. Here are the scoring system of baby pool:
1.    Date scoring
If we guess precisely, we'll earn 25 points. The range of 1-24 depends on how close the hunch to the real birth date.
2.    Time scoring
Someone who can name the precise time (even the minute of the baby born) they will collect 15 points. The range between 1-14 applies according to the difference between the prediction and the actual birth time. There is a special case with this category. This game rules that the prediction is counted by the shortest period of time of the difference in time. For example, when a baby is born at 12.00 A.M, but we predict the baby will be born at 5.00 A.M, then the interval calculated is 7 hours, not 15 hours.
3.    Sex scoring
There will be two possibilities in this category. If we guess it right, we can get 25 points. If it's wrong, then we can't get any point or 0 points.
4.    Weight scoring
If we can guess it correctly, the points that will be earned are 10. The 1-9 can be earned to the player who can't guess it right, this depends on how close their hunch to the actual answer.
5.    Length scoring
We can earn 10 points if we can guess it right. If we don't, we can collect 1-9 points. It depends on how far we're to the answers.
6.    Hair scoring
If the color of the hair is the same as our prediction, the 5 points will be in our hands.
7.    Eye scoring
If the guess is right, we will earn 5 points, but we don't get anything when the hunch is wrong.
8.    First letter scoring
We get 5 points if our hunch is right, but we get 0 points for guessing it wrong.
9.    Free points
We can add our customized category to the pool. If we can get the predictions right, each category will get 3 points.

How do you play guess the baby picture game?

One of the games that can be played on baby pool is "Guess the Baby Picture". In this game, the player needs to send the pictures of them when they were a baby. Then, the pictures are shuffled. Each player needs to guess who is in the picture every time the picture displays.

Pool Tournament Template
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How do you play guess the due date?

Baby due date is one of the categories inside the baby pool game. Guess when the baby will be born. A trick on how to predict the exact date is to pick the due date in the middle of the calendar. This makes us able to fill in the days before and after it. We're about getting closer to winning.

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