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Oct 19, 2013
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What are Binders?

Documents must be placed in one place. For this reason, binders are important items that must be owned by people who have a lot of documents.

A binder is an object specifically used for binding documents, books, and magazines. One of the most widely used types of binders is the binder clip. It is a binder that is widely available in offices. This binder is more practical and efficient than other types of binders.

Binders also come in different sizes. There are binders in small, medium, and large sizes. In general, binders have a size of 15 mm for the smallest and 51 mm for the largest binders. In addition, the binder is made of plastic with a width of 10 cm and 15 cm.

Many people think that binders are the same as ordner. Though, both are different. Ordner is a map bear made of thick cardboard. The ordner is used to store important documents so they won't be scattered. So, it looks like a big book.

On the outside of the ordner is a layer of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. However, there are also types of ordners that have a plastic coating. However, binders have several advantages over ordners when used as notebooks for school children.

  • The appearance of the binder is more attractive because the binder can be customized. You can adjust the size and color of the binder paper.
  • There is also a border paper on the binder. The paper is used to organize all the subjects or notes in the binder. So, students don't need to worry if they miss their notebooks because everything is in that one binder.
  • The binder has a ring that can be closed and opened. That's what makes paper also easy to remove from the binder. It makes the binder can be used several times so it is more durable. The reason is, students can remove the previous note paper and replace it with a new blank paper.


How to Organize Binders to Make It More Efficient?

The binder is an important item needed by students. Binders are also cheaper when compared to books. In addition, you don't need to carry lots of notebooks because all school subject notes can be put together in the binder.

However, not many students know how to make a binder more efficient so it can hold lots of notepads. So, because of that, here we give you an explanation about organizing your binder: tips and tricks for maximum efficiency.

  1. Choose The Right Type of Binder

    There are many types of binders on the market. Therefore, you must choose a binder ` that suits your needs. If you need to take many study notes, you can use a big binder. However, if you only use it for a few notes, just use a small or medium binder.

  2. Use Binder Dividers

    To make it more efficient, use a binder divider. You can divide several subjects and separate them using binder dividers.

  3. Put Other Stationeries

    Binder is a very multifunctional item. Besides being used to tidy up various papers,  binders can also be used to store stationery such as pens, markers, or pencils.

  4. Selecting The Appropriate Paper

    Choosing paper can also make your binder more effective and efficient. Choose binder paper that is not too thick but it has good quality so your binder can hold a lot of paper.

  5. Binder Pouch

    There are types of binders that have storage pockets inside. Use a binder with that type so you can use it to store other notes.

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Printable Tab Dividers Template Free
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Printable Index Tab Dividers Templates
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How to Make Effective Notes in Binder?

One way that can be used to make students remember the subject matter easily  is to use a binder. In fact, one study proved that as much as 90% of lessons could be easily memorized by students in less than one week by using notes. Therefore, you should be able to maximize binder notes in these ways.

  1. You have to Read The Material First

    First, read the material first. So, you can have an idea. That's what can make your notes have higher quality.

  2. Write Down The Note Title

    Next, write the date and title on the note so you can find it easily. So, your notes will look tidier.

  3. Make The Three Main Parts

    You can use the Cornell method. The trick is to create two columns. So, the right column or ⅔ of the page is used to write the main points. Then, the left column is used to write important terms or questions. Then, below part of the two columns are used to write a summary.

  4. Create A Mind Map

    To make your binder notes more effective, make a mind map. In this way, you can understand the relationship between one concept and another. That's what makes it easy for you to remember the subject matter.

  5. Use Handwriting

    Research conducted by Princeton University, handwritten notes are better to provide understanding than writing made using gadgets.

  6. Give Decoration or Color

    You won't get bored easily with material notes if your notes have a variety of colors and decorations. However, don't add too many decorations. 

  7. Don't Write Long Notes

    Just write down the key points of your class material. Don't write down all the contents of the material. It will make your notes too much and you are too lazy to read it.

  8. Leave A Blank Section on Note Paper

    Don't write all notes on one piece of paper. Leave blanks space as additional notes.

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