Printable Call Log Template

Jun 30, 2022
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Printable Phone Call Log Template
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How to fill the call log template?

Nowadays, people can communicate across the country without limited access. One of the ways is using call. By calling, you can communicate using voice as long as you knew how to connect with the people you want to speak such as knowing the numbers or social names.

To track and record the person who’s calling, many kinds of institutions use call logs. It consists of the table with its categories to fill.

If you need the call log template, you can download it on this site. Therefore, you should know how to fill it. Here’s how you can fill the call log template.

The call log template itself consists of several types. However, most of the content is the same. It can be contained of company name and address space which you can fill by your company name and its address.

There will be a space for you to fill in the name and the title. Fill in your staff name and his/her name to make it clear who’s writing the call logs.

Move to the table, most of the call logs will consist of the time of call, from or two, name, duration of the call, contact number, action to take, and the notes.

For the time of call, you can fill with the time you receive the call. You need to write the caller’s name on the "from or to" on the table category. Make sure you write the name of the caller too. Record the call duration and write on it. You can write it in minutes.

Check their contact number. In case you have to call them back, you can do it right away. Then take notes on the action you need to take on its space. For the notes, you can add any additional thing that important to write.

Can you mention telephone vocabulary?

Everyone must be familiar with the word “call”. It refers to the conversation online using the tools such as telephone and smartphones. Therefore, in calling, you need to have a wi-fi connection or cellular signal.

When it comes to the phone call, there are many words related to it. In the formal terms of calling, you need to know certain phrases and knowing the attitude of calling. Here are some telephone vocabularies you might want to know further.

The call itself means you try to start the conversation by dialing the numbers or searching the name on the contact list. Caller means the person who calls. Conference call means telephone calls with a group of people that hear and speak.

A cordless phone means a landline telephone receiver that allows you to make a call within a short distance. The answer means you take and speak after the phone ringing. Hang up means one of the persons is end the telephone.

The missed call has not answered the call. These telephone vocabularies can be taught to the students. You can also test them about it using a telephone vocabulary worksheet.

Phone Call Log Template Excel
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Printable Phone Call Log Template
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Phone Call Log Template
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Printable Phone Log Template
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How can you teach your kids to answer the calls?

Teaching your kids about phone answers is such an important skill to have. By having this skill, the kids know how to pick up the phone in case of an emergency.

You can start to help your kids to understand how to receive calls properly. It can be using a role-play in which you are the one who calls, and your kids are the receiver. Here’s how you can teach your kids to receive the call properly.

Teach them to read the caller information based on the caller ID while the phone is ringing. You can show them how to look up and write the past number which calling them. Teach the kids how to pick up the landline phone.

Make sure your kids know how to pick up and hang up the phone. Answering a phone call on a landline phone and smartphone is different. Demonstrate how to pick up the phone on a smartphone too.

Mostly, smartphones nowadays is using the touchscreen, so they have to swipe the call in a certain direction. Make them understand it. Explain how to take the call while they are already in a line.

Therefore, you might have to teach your kids how to make a phone call too. Start with showing your kids on entering the telephone number. Allow them to enter by themselves and make sure they always double-check it.

Teach them to leave a message during a call. If the person that call is unreachable, you might want to leave a message for them to listen to it later.

Teach your kids to understand this concept and how to do this. Teach your kids how to make an emergency call. In the US, the emergency call service number is 911.

Help them to memorize it. You can do the simulation with your kids first before experiencing a real emergency situation. Teaching your kids telephoning skills is crucial, especially in emergency case situations.

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