Printable Animal Shapes Templates

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Updated: Mar 07, 2022

To introduce kids with various kinds of animals, we can show them with the cute and vibrant colours of animal pictures. To do this, we can download animal shapes templates.

Printable Animal Shapes Templates

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  4. Printable Shape Templates
  5. Animal Shapes Templates
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  11. Printable Easter Bunny Template
  12. Printable Rainbow Fish Template
Bee Templates
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How do you make animal shapes?

To introduce kids with various kinds of animals, we can show them with the cute and vibrant colours of animal pictures. To do this, we can download animal shapes templates. There is another option to introduce them to animals. Yes, we draw animals together with the kids. There are unique and peculiar shapes that only belong to certain animals. To draw this, we are required to understand the basic shapes of animal shapes.

We can even start with geometric shapes. Here are the steps of making animal shapes:
1.    To create a whale, we can draw trapezium. Make sure the wider side of the trapezium is on the top of the shape. Then, add the simple shape of tail on the top left point of the trapezium. Lastly, give mouth and eyes in the top right corner of the trapezium.

2.    We can start drawing a square to create dog shapes. This square is the head of the dog. Then, add the body of the dog by drawing a rectangle. The length of the rectangle is twice as the square. Add four smaller rectangles as the legs below the body. Draw two triangles on the right and the left side of the head. Make sure the apexes of the triangles are at the bottom. For the last step, add two sequential dots, a bigger dot, and a rounded line on the head as the eyes, nose, and mouth.

3.    Draw a rhombus to create an owl. Put the big-rounded eyes near the top of the rhombus. Below the eyes, make  smaller dots of rhombuses to create a detail of the owl’s feather. Then, draw the beak between the eyes and feathers. Draw two small lines as the legs.

How do you draw a lion shape?

Here are the following steps to create a drawing of a lion:
1.    Download animal shapes templates printable for a lion shape. This is helpful to guide us when it comes to drawing.
2.    Prepare the following equipment: A piece of paper, a pencil, color markers, and eraser.
3.    Draw the U shape for the lion’s head. Make sure the curve is wider to the bottom.
4.    Create a wrinkly line that connects the two points of the U shape.
5.    Create a rounded triangle as their nose.
6.    Draw two curved lines in opposite directions above the nose. Make sure the tops of the arches are facing each other.
7.    Then, add a curved line like number 3 which is rotated 90 degrees to the right for the mouth.
8.    Add two eyes by drawing big circles inside both curved lines.
9.    Put dots inside the like-number3 line as the detail of the lion’s feature.
10.    Continue drawing a wavy line that surrounds the face of the lion.
11.    Add half circle each side of the lion’s head as their ears.
12.    Create two curved vertical lines as the body.
13.    Inside the body, divide the space with the other two rounded vertical lines and close the lines with horizontal wavy lines. This results in the front legs of the lion.
14.    Create the back legs of the lion by repeating the same lines, but make those wider.
15.    Add the tail on the one of the back legs.
16.    Thicken the border and fill it with color markers.

Butterfly Template Printable
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Simple Pig Coloring Pages
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Printable Shape Templates
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Animal Shapes Templates
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Giraffe Template Printable
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Printable Cat Templates
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Farm Animal Coloring Pages
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Printable Turtle Outline Shape Template
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Printable Wildlife Animals Silhouette Stencil Template
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Printable Easter Bunny Template
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Printable Rainbow Fish Template
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What are the benefits of drawing?

Drawing is one of the fun and exciting skill for the young children to learn. Through this activity, the kids could explore various themes and go deep on their creativities. The parents and teachers can help the children to develop their art skills and knolwedge.

The children can use the various templates for art practicing the parents or teachers download from the internet. The regular practices will help the children to develop their skills and motivate them to keep learning.

These are what we get when we start drawing:
1.    Improves visual skills.
2.    Develops creativity.
3.    Sharpen the sense of art.
4.    Maintain focus
5.    Release hidden feelings and emotions.

Article written by Lestari Nur Aisah, last updated on Mar 07, 2022 and edited by Printablee Team.

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