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Jun 01, 2010
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Printable Flower Template Pattern
Printable Flower Template Patterndownload

What is petal in a flower?

Petal is a part of a flower that is made from modified leaves. Flower petals surround the reproductive parts of the flower, stamen that stands for male reproduction and pistil, female flower parts. Flower petals contribute to the main look of the flower. When we see a beautiful flower, the petals are what we see and consider as beautiful ones. In a single flower, we can find some amounts of petals. We can find as many as four, five six, or even 89 petals. To learn more about the parts of six petals flowers, download 6 petals flowers templates can be the best choice.

What is the function of petals?

There are reasons behind why petals look beautiful. Those work to attract the pollinators. The definition of pollinators is the animals that bring the pollen so that the flowers can reproduce. When the flowers are appealing enough for the pollinators, they are motivated to bring the male pollen grains to the other flowers that have female flower parts. This activity leads the flowers to grow and bloom more. Thus, this can make the flowers survive.

What is a flower petal made of?

Even though it is the modified version of the leaves, the certain composition that builds petals are cellulose and other organic ingredients. To make the flower petals bloom, the flower requires increasing activity of cell wall hydrolases. This activity works similarly when fruits start to ripe and ready to be harvested.

6 Petal Flower Template
6 Petal Flower Templatedownload
6 Petal Flower Pattern Template
6 Petal Flower Pattern Templatedownload
Printable Flower Petal Template
Printable Flower Petal Templatedownload
Printable Flower Petal Template Pattern
Printable Flower Petal Template Patterndownload

How do you make 6 petals flowers?

We have discussed that we can learn about the anatomy of flowers by using 6 petals flowers templates. Now, to have our own 6 petals flowers templates, here are steps to make 6 petals flowers:
1.    Download the 6 petals flowers templates as a worksheet as a guidance.
2.    Print the templates on a piece of paper.
3.    Use scissors to cut the paper and follow the border of the template so that we can get the 6 petals flowers shape.

We can also use a folding method to get the 6 petals paper flowers. Here are the following steps:
1.    Prepare a square paper. We can cut a standard rectangular paper or origami paper.
2.    Divide the paper into two parts by folding it diagonally. Make sure the imaginary line of the folding is precisely in the middle of the paper. We can get a triangle shape now.
3.    Fold the rest of the current triangle in half. The result is the smaller and thicker triangle.
4.    Separate the triangle into three parts. To make the sectioning easier, flip vertically the triangle so we can get the apex at the bottom. Then, create three lines equally starting from the apex.
5.    Fold the left and the right section based on the lines to the inside part. We can see a diagonal line here.
6.    Cut the edges that have two corners on the top. This results in a smaller triangle.
7.    Draw a half-rounded line and cut the following line.
8.    Unfold and stretch the paper slowly. We will see the six-petal flowers.

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