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Updated on Jul 11, 2022
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Medical Progress Note Template
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What are the components included in medical records?

Medical records are used by the physician to track the patient’s condition during the hospitality. It provides many details of their medical information. This document consists of several parts and each of them has the benefits for the parties, which are the patient, medical providers, and the legal practitioner. When someone enters the hospital, the staff will register the patient into the system which is being recorded by the hospital in the data patients. That’s why when you are entering the hospital for the second time, you might just have to mention your full name and ID card number or patient number.

It will include your demographic information, medical history with the details of the allergies, treatment, medical care, and the past and present diagnosis, medical information which includes patient’s prescriptions testimony, family medical history, treatment history, and the result, medical directives, consent forms that provide the agreement of each treatment take place, the progress notes to gather the recent information of patient’s condition, and the financial information.

The medical record was found to be an effective way to communicate between the medical teams. Other benefits are reducing the risk of malpractice in health care, the proof of reimbursements for the patient, and hospital quality records. The health records template can be found in the three types of forms. These are the digital, paper-based, and the hybrid which is the combination of electronic and paper. No matter what type of template it is, the medical record should be written in detail and precisely because this document becomes the reference for the physician to decide the proper treatment they’ll apply to the patient.

What foods are categorized as low-calorie?

If you are just right away starting dietary, you should decrease the calorie intake that you gain from the food. Consuming low calories of food help to stabilize your blood calories contain and prevent you from the disease caused by high calories level. One of the articles mentions that the low calories in food end up leaving you hungry. Therefore, you need to know these ingredients or food which have low-calorie contents but make you full at the same time.

Oats contain fiber and high protein which can make you full. A study also mentions that consuming oatmeal will increase your appetite. Greek yogurt contains high protein also low sugar that can help you to reduce your hunger. Stock-based soup with the nutrition contains believed can hold your hungry time. Berries are loaded with high antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which help you to maintain your health condition. It slowly empties your stomach. Egg often becomes a breakfast choice because it contains high protein and other vital nutrition but low calories at the same time. Choosing popcorn for your diet snack is such a great choice. It contains high fiber but can reduce your sense of hunger.  

Diet does not always torture you. All of the low-calorie food mentioned belong to tasty meals to consume. Instead of doing extreme dietary patterns with not consuming any single food, you should consider just reducing the calorie intake in a day. Don’t let the diet ruins you because it is supposed to make you healthier.

Printable Progress Note Form
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How do you prevent obesity?

Obesity can be defined as a health issue caused by a huge amount of body fat. People with a high mass body can easily get serious diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, mental health issue, and many more. It is even worse because obesity caused chronic disease. To prevent obesity, you need to maintain your food consumption by doing a healthy diet and also doing more physical movements. Let us discuss more the steps to prevent obesity.

You need to define which fat that good for you to consume. The bad fat contains will ends up you in trouble which increases the risk of gain body mass and improving cholesterol levels in your blood. Reducing the sweet-based food which contains a lot of sugar. When you consume the sweetness food, your blood sugar might easily get higher which will increase the risk of gaining more weight. Consuming more veggies and fruit brings you a healthy lifestyle. Choose the ones that contain high fiber, and less fat will help you succeed in your diet.

 Maintain your blood sugar by always attaching what you consume with the Glycemic index. Select the food that has low GI to maintain your blood sugar. Exercise also matters in your weight loss. Doing routine work out such as aerobics is a great way to reach your weight loss target. The world health organization recommends training that can move all your muscles to reduce weight gain. Maintain your daily stress which can trigger you to consume high calory food.

Components of Medical Records

Low-calorie Foods

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