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Updated on May 23, 2022
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Printable 1 4 Inch Graph Paper
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How can you make a coloring activity using a grid?

If you just teach the kids in reading the grids, you might think of the test tool. Using mystery pictures could be the greatest idea. Create this as a worksheet and make the kids work with it while also implementing their coloring skills. Let’s dive right in!

Before knowing how this worksheet works, you need to decide on the picture that will show up on the sheet. It can be the thing that relates to the upcoming event such as the fall season. Then, you can use pumpkin, dry leaves, and dry flowers as your image. Jump to constructing the worksheet!

All you need to prepare are the blank grid along with the clues. The grid needs to be in numbers and alphabets. While the clues should be involved both numbers and letters. You also need to attach the colors they should put on each grid.

Basically, this worksheet makes the students follow the clues, so they can reveal the picture on the grid. To make the picture clearly seen, they have to color each grid based on the clues of numbers and the alphabet you’ve prepared.

Of course, the color also needs to be in line with the worksheet instructions. If kids are already done coloring each grid in the right colors and clues, they will see the appropriate picture along with its color.

That’s how you can construct a coloring activity using the grid. Arrange this worksheet for your students and involve the appropriate picture there!

How can I construct a scrapbook?

Instead of throwing away your leftover magazine and newspaper, you can manage these things to be the aesthetic art of a scrapbook. It’s such a good way to spend your time at the weekend while also pulling off your creativity. Check this out for seeing how you can make a scrapbook.

 Grab your materials such as a notebook, leftover magazine, newspaper, sticky notes, dried flowers, washi tape, grid paper, glue, and scissor. For the notebook, you can choose the size you wish. Better you go with the medium until large size. Cut the picture you find aesthetic from the magazine.

Adopt also the text from the newspaper. You can also cut some good pictures from the newspaper. Instead of cutting all items using scissors, ripping them by yourself can be great too. Done this method in the grid paper.

Time to construct all the components! Stick the picture and the text in the book. Give the sticky notes and the grid paper as the space you create hand lettering or other things based on your purpose making. Continue with the embellishment. Use the washi tape as the corner details. Make it also the tool to stick the dried flowers into your page. Continue until you get the number of pages you wish.

That’s how you can construct a scrapbook from leftover materials. This one is also great art, in which you can pull off your creativity even using leftover materials. Practice it at home and have a great crafting time!

Printable 1 4 Inch Graph Paper
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What games I can play using grid paper?

To let the kids spend their time in school break, you might come up with introducing a simple game they can play with grid paper and pencil only. There is tic tac toe and joint five to introduce. If you are kinda interested in these games, just check this out to get inspired!

Tic tac toe definitely one among many to choose to play with in the simplest way. This kind of game suits you to play in pairs. In tic tac toe, each player takes turns to make the O and X on the grids. The pattern needs to use the three-by-three grids horizontal and vertical.

After they find the three "X" or "O" in the structure, kids should give the cross sign in it. Very simple yet has benefits for those who play it. It boosts kids’ ability in making strategies and doing observations while playing the game.

Joint five also need paper and pencil only. You can either play this game with grid paper or just the ordinary one. Keep in mind to have the colored pencil if you use the grid paper to make each line clearly seen. Joint five actually has the same concept as connecting the dots.

However, this game supposed the player to connect every five dots and make vertical or horizontal lines. To play this game, kids have to make the structured dots and once they get five, they can connect them. Same to tic tac toe, this game also train kids' observation skill along with making strategy at the same time.

Those are the games you can play with grid paper. Introduce those games to your students while also explaining and giving the example to them.

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