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Oct 21, 2022
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Printable Preschool Daily Report Sheets
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What to include in daily progress reports for preschoolers?

After teaching, you need to evaluate your students on how they go in learning the materials. Through the evaluation, you will be able to define their skills and the effectiveness of your teaching. Instead of tracking with no rules, better to set the tool to help you with it.

Have a progress report by customizing the categories with your teaching goals. Here are the things to include in your daily report.

State the name of your students at the very upper part. Include the learning habits to evaluate by involving the categories of how they complete the task and the quality of doing the task itself.

Make sure you add the fixed measurement for those categories. How they complete the work can be filled based how on time are they such as always on time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely, and no one.

Meanwhile, for the quality, you can put the categories of excellent, good, satisfactory, and need improvement. Continue with their behaviors. For this one, you can resemble the doing task quality.

The next part needs to fill with the aspect that kids should improve. This one can have two categories of learning skills and attitude. For the learning skill, you can evaluate the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills based on the worksheet you gave and also your sight.

Meanwhile, for the behavior, you can get this from your sight and others' perception. If you have the things that are far from the categories but still important to attach, have a comment section to explain what you want to deliver.

Those items can inspire you in making the daily progress report for your preschoolers. Elaborate with your needs to add to your report.

What activities to fine motor skills to preschoolers?

Motor skill is a very crucial aspect for kids to have. It’s because skills have a big role in daily activities. With fine motor skills, kids can pass the daily task easily.

Kids with a lack of motor skills might even struggle with tie shoes even though you already show them numerous times. Therefore, fun activities need to involve. Check out to see the recommendations.

Let your kids make a creation from Playdough. Involving the play dough stimulates the motor skills from the rolling, squeezing, pinching, and stretching of the dough. Play along with them and show how to make a worm from it. Slime is also a great alternative for it.

The painting also boosts kids' motor skills. The way kids can scratch their brushes on the canvas trains them to have fine motor skills. For the first try, using a stencil is allowed too. You can also give them simple tasks such as making lines, curves, triangles, and so on.

Playing with uncooked rice could be fun yet beneficial too. Make the kids grab and move the rice from one bowl to another one. You can also make them search for some objects inside it.

Involve the water to make it has a role in improving your kids' motor skills. It can be with teach them on pouring the water from the bottle into the glass and unallowed to spill it.  

To help your kids struggling with motor skills, apply those activities in daily life and assess them with simple tasks such as buttoning their own clothes.

Preschool Daily Report Sheets
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Preschool Daily Report
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How do you make a preschooler's daily routine?

To train the kids with discipline, making a daily routine schedule can be considered. Instead of using the printed design, you spare your time to DIY it with your kids. But then, you need to list the things to include in your kid’s daily routine. Have a design that makes your kids can fill what the activities already did or haven’t.

The activities you can place on the preschooler's daily routine start with the morning routine. Set the activities such as getting ready for school, taking a bath, and having breakfast. Continue to give them engaging songs or videos. List the schedule for morning exercise too. Then, jump to the school and game times.

Continue with the home activities after school. Fill the schedule with the clean-up time. Spare the time for lunch together with you. Rest after lunch is needed. Give at least an hour to sleep. The playing time is half an hour after taking a nap.

This time, you can allow your kids to explore outdoors. Then, take them for cleaning and dinner prep. Have dinner on the schedule list and continue with family time. The last activity is going to bed with listening to the stories.

To design it, make the student participate in coloring the page. Let them embellish it as they wish by giving stickers, washi tape, and something else. As they sign they already pass the schedule, have a set of start stickers, and let the kids stick into the daily schedule by themselves. This routine can boost them to being disciplined people.

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