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Updated on Jul 15, 2022
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Preschool Table Manners Coloring Pages
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How to Teach Table Manners for Kids?

Teaching kids proper table manners helps them develop essential social skills and create a positive dining experience for themselves and those around them. Here are some important table manners to instill in children:

  1. Washing Hands: Teach kids to wash their hands before sitting down to eat, emphasizing the importance of hygiene.

  2. Sitting Properly: Encourage kids to sit up straight in their chairs, with their feet resting on the ground. Slouching or leaning on the table should be avoided.

  3. Using Utensils:

    • Forks and Knives: Teach them how to use forks and knives correctly. Demonstrate how to hold them and cut food without making loud noises.
    • Spoons: Teach kids how to use a spoon to eat soups and other foods that require it.
  4. Chewing with Mouth Closed: Remind children to chew their food with their mouths closed to avoid making unpleasant noises.

  5. Taking Small Bites: Encourage them to take small, manageable bites to avoid choking hazards and overstuffing their mouths.

  6. Eating Slowly: Teach kids to eat at a reasonable pace, enjoying their food and avoiding rushing through the meal.

  7. Waiting for Others: Instruct them to wait until everyone is seated and served before beginning to eat. Similarly, encourage waiting for others to finish before leaving the table.

  8. Using Napkin: Show them how to place the napkin on their lap and use it to wipe their mouths as needed.

  9. No Elbows on the Table: Remind kids to keep their elbows off the table while eating to maintain good posture.

  10. Asking Politely: Teach them to ask for items to be passed, saying "May I please have..." or "Could you pass me..."

  11. Using Polite Language:

    • Saying "Please" and "Thank You": Encourage using these polite words when requesting or receiving items.
    • Excusing Themselves: Teach kids to say "Excuse me" if they need to leave the table during the meal.
  12. Tasting New Foods: Encourage children to try a small portion of new foods. Avoid forcing them to eat something they don't like, but ask them to give it a try.

  13. Talking Respectfully:

    • Listening: Teach them to listen when others are speaking and not to interrupt while someone is talking.
    • Engaging in Conversations: Encourage them to participate in discussions at the table, sharing their thoughts and stories.
  14. Technology-Free Zone: Make mealtime a technology-free zone to encourage meaningful conversations and interactions.

  15. Helping with Cleanup: After finishing the meal, guide kids in clearing their plates and utensils from the table. This fosters a sense of responsibility.

  16. Gratitude: Teach kids to express gratitude for the meal by saying "Thank you for the meal" when they're done eating.


Teaching table manners is a gradual process. Start with the basics and reinforce them consistently. Model good table manners yourself, as children often learn by observing adults. Keep the atmosphere positive and relaxed, making mealtime an enjoyable learning experience for kids as they acquire these important life skills.

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Why Is It Important for Kids to Know About Table Manners?

Teaching kids about table manners goes beyond simply adhering to social norms. It plays a crucial role in their personal development, social interactions, and overall well-being. Here's why it's important for kids to learn about table manners:

Social Skills

Table manners are a fundamental aspect of social etiquette. Teaching children how to behave at the table helps them navigate various social situations with confidence and grace. These skills are transferable to other areas of their lives, promoting better interpersonal relationships.

Respect and Consideration

Learning table manners instills the values of respect and consideration for others. Children understand that their actions can affect those around them, fostering empathy and understanding.

Positive Self-Image

Mastering table manners enhances a child's self-esteem. When kids are confident in their ability to handle themselves at the table, they feel more comfortable in social settings, reducing anxiety or embarrassment.

Cultural Awareness

Proper table manners often vary across cultures. By teaching kids about different dining customs, you promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, helping them appreciate and respect diversity.

Communication Skills

Table conversations offer an opportunity to practice effective communication. Kids learn to take turns speaking, listen attentively, and engage in discussions, which are essential life skills.

Healthy Eating Habits

Table manners encourage mindful eating. By sitting down, focusing on the meal, and eating slowly, children develop better eating habits that contribute to their overall health.

Table Etiquette in Public Settings

Kids who understand table manners are more likely to feel comfortable dining in public places, such as restaurants or social events. This enhances their participation in various experiences.

Family Bonding

Shared meals provide valuable family time. Teaching table manners creates a positive environment during meals, fostering family bonding and encouraging regular conversations.

Independence and Responsibility

Kids who know how to behave at the table demonstrate a sense of maturity and responsibility. They can serve themselves, use utensils correctly, and take care of their dining area.

Preparation for Future Situations

Learning proper table manners prepares children for formal events, such as weddings, job interviews, and networking dinners. These skills give them a competitive edge in professional settings.

Table Safety

Proper table manners also encompass safety practices, such as using utensils correctly and sitting properly in a chair. These practices help prevent accidents and injuries during meals.

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